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Best free Android games in 2015

Loie Favre

What are the best free Android games that the Play Store has to offer? Well, you can forget looking at Play Store recommendations, because quite often the apps mentioned there are not the best ones you can get! This is why we’ve we have compiled a list of the best free games for Android to play on your smartphone or tablet to help you kill some time.

androidpit clash of clans teaser
These are the best free games for Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

Plants vs Zombies 2

Sequel to one of the most successful free-to-play games ever, EA’s Plants vs. Zombies 2 retains the spirit of the original while adding more zombies, plants, and power ups. This colorful tower defense game will suck up a lot of your time (and potentially money, if you want to make use of its in-app purchases), but you are guaranteed fun along the way.

androidpit plants vs zombies 2
Defend against the invading zombie army in Plants vs. Zombies 2. / © ELECTRONIC ARTS

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja has been around for years now, but it is still just as addictive as it was when it first hit the scene. Swiping your finger across the touchscreen, you become the ninja, dishing out deadly attacks to, erm, fruit. Slice your way through your five a day while creating combos and making highscores in this infinitely satisfying arcade game.

androidpit fruit ninja
Slicing up fruit has never been so satisfying. / © Halfbrick Studios

JetPack Joyride

Everybody loves Jetpacks, right? This is an endless runner with a twist: in this game you don’t jump to avoid hazards, you use your jetpack. It’s all about getting the furthest distance or earning the most points before crashing, and along the way you will find other vehicles, such as mechanical dragons, motorbikes, and teleporters, to help you achieve this. Each vehicle adds its own unique twist to the gameplay, making JetPack Joyride a joy to play.

androidpit jetpack joyride
Jetpack Joyride isn't an endless runner, it's an endless "hover'er".  / © Halfbrick Studios

Clash of Clans

We’ll start the list with a classic, one that has been played by Android users for a very long time. The game is based on a simple concept and is really addictive. You need to build a town and its defences as well as improving your troupes to fend off attacks from other players. The game duration for Clash of Clans is basically never ending, plus the developers often update the game. Clash of Clans is stable, and you can play the same game with the same village on many devices with your Google+ account.

clash of clans news 3
Do you have what it takes to build a village and be the victor? © ANDROIDPIT

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush, everyone knows it, and has likely played it. This game has managed to create a nation of addicts! The match three game is based on the concept of ‘’Diamond Mine’’, with various missions and levels which makes it hard to stop playing. Candy Crush first appeared on Facebook, then browser, and finally Android, it has come a long way. has received a lot of critizism and was accused of stealing ideas from other games, but most players don’t seem to care. What’s more, Candy Crush Saga often gets festive for holidays, like at Christmas time for example.

androidpit candy crush saga cheat
Addiction has a new face! ©

Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you are into racecar driving, look no further than Asphalt 8: Airborne, a favorite arcade game among Android users. Why do we love it so much? You get to choose between real-life cars that you’ve always dreamt of driving, from Lamborghinis to Ferraris, and rip these down awesome courses in various exciting locations. Plus if you’ve got a competitive side, you can also drive in career mode which takes you through 8 seasons and 180 events.

asphalt teaser
Asphalt 8: Airborne is the best arcade racing game on the Android platform, wouldn't you agree?/ © Gameloft

Angry Birds Go

Take a racing game, dunk it in tar, and then in features, what do you get? Angry Birds Go! This game is kind of like Mario Kart where you choose from a variety of Angry Birds characters and must race your way through fanciful terrains while shooting random objects at your opponents. Just like Mario Kart, it takes some time to get used to at the beginning in terms of controls, but soon you’ll be slinging those birds down the race track with ease.

Screenshot 2013 12 11 13 10 24
Mario Kart has a new face: Angry Birds Go! / © ANDROIDPIT/Rovio

Dumb ways to die

You think it’s cool to cross the train tracks? The makers of Dumb Ways To Die don’t! They created this game to teach you and kids a lesson about really stupid things that people do that often lead to a very dumb and embarrassing death, like putting a fork in a toaster, eating some rotten food, swimming with piranhas, poking a bear etc. In the game, you must act quickly to avoid succumbing to such a fate, so you tap away the piranhas from your private parts, swat deadly wasps, get your little buddies out of the way of trains etc. It all gets faster and faster, and after you’ve lost 3 lives, you’re toast! The game is super addictive, and the super catchy theme song doesn’t hurt either! Worth a play (and hundreds more)!

dumb ways to die offline apps teaser02
Don't be dumb and die! / © ANDROIDPIT

Dead Trigger 2

Following the success of their first game, MadFinger Games brought Dead Trigger 2, which is so zombielicious you’ll soon be asking for more blood and guts after just a few minutes of playing. You must travel through various undead-infested areas of the world, all the while killing as many zombies with your jam-packed artillery of weapons. It’s positively disgusting, and that’s why we love it!

Screenshot 2013 10 25 16 55 20
Dead Trigger 2 is one of the best zombie games you'll play on Android.  / © ANDROIDPIT/Madfinger Games


I hope you didn’t forget how to connect the dots from your childhood, because this game asks for those set of skills all over again. Dots quickly became an Android favorite, which spawned a lot of copycat apps. The original is probably the best though: you must combine as many same-colored dots as you can in just 60 seconds. There are also some other game modes, like endless mode, no-limits, un-timed (counts the number of moves) etc. The game design is also really nice, and very minimalistic.

teaser dots
Do you remember how to connect the dots from your childhood?/ © ANDROIDPIT


QuizUp landed on the world like a bomb this year: it spread so quickly and everybody started playing the trivia game on a global scale. The sky’s the limit for the number of categories, with new ones added daily. It’s cool too, because they aren’t just boring categories were used to with Trivial Pursuit, but ones that correspond to any interests! I for one am an expert in anything Harry Potter, so that was my niche. You play can play against others from around the world and compete on the leaderboard.

quizup home topics
A battle of smarts against rivals from around the world! © ANDROIDPIT

Flappy Bird

Oh Flappy Bird, where do we begin! The game took the world by a storm, but was short-lived after the developer got cold feet over the success and pulled the game from the Play Store. A ton of Flappy Bird clones and alternatives then sprung up on the Play Store, some of which are actually quite good, while some really are just plain dumb. If you are clever, like we were, we’ve figured out how you can still play Flappy Bird on your phone, but please do so at your own risk.

AndroidPIT Flappy Bird
How far do you get in Angry Birds? © ANDROIDPIT/.GEARS Studios


A Flappy Bird spin-off that actually worked was Timberman which was released in July of 2014. The game is just as testing as Flappy Bird: you must coordinate when and where you tap the screen to avoid getting knocked on the head by the next branch, as the lumberjack continues to cut the tree down. The game is ridiculously simple to understand, but hard to master, plus there’s a new detail, a countdown to see how far you can get.

timberman screenshot
Chop down those trees, but don't get bunked on the head by a branch. © ANDROIDPIT


Badland has received a lot of acclaim by game critics and we love it too! Plainly put, it’s just well-made: the graphics are great, you’ve got a multiplayer mode, the gameplay is simple but compelling, it has a great soundtrack and the developers update it regularly. Badland is an adventure game where you need to guide a little forest dweller by tapping on the display through a swampy forest full of eerie shadows and obstacles.

badland screenshot2
We love this eerie game: Badland is an Android staple. © ANDROIDPIT


If you haven’t heard of SHADOWGUN: DeadZone, you should definitely add this to your repertoire. This is THE go-to FPS multiplayer on Android. The game requires a powerful Android device because of its demanding graphics. SHADOWGUN has many different modes, like the classic deathmatch, capture the flag etc, plus you can also get teamspeak. To be able to use this game, you require Wi-Fi, and it’s a good idea to get an OTG mouse and even cast it onto a bigger screen!

shadowgun android fps
Shoot 'em up games from the future: that's ShadowGun for you!/ © ANDROIDPIT

Boom Beach

The creators of Clash of Clans have come up with another superb game idea: Boom Beach! The gameplay is very similar to that the Clash of Clans in that you need to build and defend your base as well as try to gain forces to be able to attack and conquer enemy territories. And instead of facing goblins, you need to go up against the Black Guard, though don’t forget that you can attack others as well. The battles that go down on Boom Beach are likely the best that you can get on Android, because the order and the type of units sent really make the difference between victory and defeat.

boom beach
Clash of the Clash has gone to the beach! © ANDROIDPIT


Another cult classic: Icomania is simple, but keeps you entertained. The game shows you a series of icons and you have to guess which movie star, cartoon, place, country it is (of course there are many more categories). If you get stuck, we’ve got all of the answers in our forum.

androidpit icomania
How good are you at figuring out icons? © Games for Friends

Pudding Monsters

Pudding Monsters is one of the hardest games that I’ve ever played on Android, but not to the point of being impossible. You’ve got to move pudding monsters in a straight line without having them dropping off the screen. It’s hard to explain, so take our word and give it this addictive game a try. This game was developed by the same creators as Cut The Rope.

Pudding monster may seem easy, but it ain't!/ © ANDROIDPIT

Cut the Rope 1 & 2 and extensions

Speaking of which, Cut the Rope has made it to our list too! The point of the game is to feed the monsters candies which are hanging on ropes which must be cut. Sounds weird? Well I did get stumped quite a few times! It’s quite the tricky puzzle game and is a must.

Both Cut the Rope games are a lot of fun. © ANDROIDPIT

4 Pics 1 Word

Like Logo Quiz, there are many versions of 4 Pics 1 Word. The purpose of the game is to guess the concept that a picture is hinting at. If you can’t figure it out, then you will get a second image, then a third and finally a fourth and final picture. The subject could be a color, an object, sometime abstract etc.

4 pic 1 word
Can you guess what the pictures are hinting at? © Kafkas Mobile

Angry Birds

This game could not escape the list, it's one of the most downloaded games of all times! There are many versions of Angry Birds too, like Space, Rovio, Epic etc. For the classic game, you need to slingshot the birds and knock down the pigs which have usually barricaded themselves into massive forts. Give it a try and I’m sure you will be hooked.

AndroidPIT Angry Birds Friends
Angry Birds is one of the best games on Android, and it changes for each season! © AndroidPIT/Rovio

Plague Inc.

This is a pretty sick game, pun intended! Your job in the game is to spread a epidemic which causes symptoms, effects and death. The morose side of the game put to the side for a second, Plague Inc. is well made, challenging, and has about an infinite amount of scenarios. If you’ve got some dark humor, give it a whirl.

androidpit plague inc
You can be evil in this game, spread a plague and watch the world panic. ©


Though Alchemy may not be the newest kid on the block, having been around since October 2012 (and you can see this in its graphics), it has a very addictive concept that has turned many players into avid fans throughout the years.

androidpit alchemy
An oldie but a goodie: Alchemy is an Android dinosaur! © Andrey Zed Zaikin

What do you think is the best free game on Android?

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  • ScubaLisa 1 month ago Link

    Jacks3D - fun multiplayer game I am addicted to. It might be too hard for some but the wacky ball is an awesome twist.

  • Bitrealms Studio 1 month ago Link

    Digging Deep: Tap the blocks is getting more and more popular lately after the last update and I hope it will get more attention soon.

  • gaurav p. 1 month ago Link

    Arcane Legends and Order & chaoes are pretty good RPGs.

  • oldzoom 2 months ago Link

    Most of those games are Freemium-->DLC pay to play/win cash cows...

  • Stuart Male 2 months ago Link

    I like roller-coaster tycoon 4. love the game but sick of how unstable it is

  • Geoff Totten 3 months ago Link

    Don't you mean "freemium'?

  • 3 months ago Link

    Evalisense is really funny and completely free

  • red 5 months ago Link

    glad to see a couple of titles that are new to me listed. I'd love to see a "sleeper" so to speak, game list.

  • Edward Netherton 5 months ago Link

    Clash of Clans is a game that has a lot of focus on planning and execution of strategies and one of the most important aspects of the game is to have a good builder plan to help secure your base and to destroy enemy units that will come to attack your base.

  • James Halsey 6 months ago Link

    These all aren't exactly "free" games. Clash of Clans for example.. Sure you can play it for free but don't expect yo remain competitive for long especially against those tossing $100 into the game a month ..ridiculous. Almost all these "free" games are like this.


    • Lukashenko 2 months ago Link

      People usually get discouraged about it because of raids on their bases. But raids are a part of the game that makes it fun, especially when you gotta work out strategies to prevent those raids from affecting you much and doing raids yourself. Been playing it for a year almost and I haven't spent a dime on it and I must say I've met great people and I love it.

  • Carlos Moreira 6 months ago Link

    Even for non-players of the TCG, Magic 2015 is pretty awesome. =)

    • Loie Favre
      • Admin
      • Staff
      6 months ago Link

      Nice! I'll check it out.

  • Sacco Svd 6 months ago Link

    angry birds go is pretty good, great great graphics

  • Nishant gauns 6 months ago Link

    You forgot the big guy... "Asphalt 8"

    • Loie Favre
      • Admin
      • Staff
      6 months ago Link

      Yes, that is an awesome game! Like I mention, it's a work in progress, so more cool apps will be added soon.