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Varies with device
1,000,000 - 5,000,000

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Furdiburb is a lovable alien virtual pet you can grow to love. Keep this creature happy by feeding him well and cleaning away his giant turds! Explore the beautiful environment and discover magical items and mystical characters.

Please be patient with him. He can take days to hatch. Weeks to grow up.

* All your data will be lost if you un-install the game. Please use the backup/restore feature if it is available on your device.

App permissions explained:
Internet Access - For connecting to the Internet.
View Network State - For checking your network connection before connecting to the Internet.
Storage Access - For letting you save screen-caps of your Furdi to your SD card.
Market Billing Service - For letting you buy more Golden Poops.
Vibrate Control - bzzz.. for vibrate feedback when interacting with Furdi’s environment. You can turn this off with Menu->Settings.
Discover Accounts – This allows us to get a list of the accounts available on your Android device. This is used when you backup and restore your game to and from the cloud.
Use Credentials – We use your account credentials to store your backed-up game to the cloud and only allow you access to your save game.

Brief Description: A virtual pet adventure game for all ages. Like a tamagotchi but with lots more adventure!

Search Keywords: alien virtual pet, adopt a pet, adventure game, pet game, virtuelles Haustier, バーチャルペット, mascota virtual, 虚拟宠物, виртуального питомца, สัตว์เลี้ยงเสมือน, 가상 애완 동물, games for girls, games for boys, games for all ages

Furdiburb® by Sheado.net

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Test Report

I was once again on the prowl for a fun app to try out for a test review, and was having no luck, until I came across Furdiburb-Lite. I wanted (...) » More...

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Latest Community Comments

  • rashid omer, Mar 4, 2013

    now with the update she just keeps going to the right

  • Viveka Dee Jimenez, Feb 13, 2013

    how to move furdiburb when jumping on stars? all it can do is straight way...

    and on lilypad? my lightbulb charge is 2 and its also not moving ..please fix this..:(

  • rashid omer, Feb 1, 2013

    also I cant move to the stars

  • rashid omer, Feb 1, 2013

    stupid!!!the game is on 0.14 beta version on my viewsonic 2.2 tablet:( all I can do is feed him and make him grow up after that it says I should be on the lookout for updates!!on samsung gallaxy tab its out of beta.stupid game

  • beccajea, Jan 5, 2013

    I don't know y people don't like this game... I think its great! Finding out how to do everything is a part of its charm.

  • megan raynor, Jul 20, 2012

    I need help how do you get in the gofer hole

  • Alyssa, Jul 15, 2012

    Awesome and so fun, graphics don't show up quite right on my tablet, look like they're only formatted for a phone. But other than that it is a really cool game.

  • Autumn, Apr 5, 2012

    How do I get rid of gophers. What do I do with the antenna thing from space. Please answer. Thank you.

  • brian ayre, Mar 4, 2012

    how do you feed it and wash it
    this game is stuped

  • taylor ermer, Feb 26, 2012

    just downloaded this and i got it in the house but now i cant get it out again or feed it or anything...help?

  • dominique brown, Oct 5, 2011

    can somebody tell me how to update

  • Janisa Gramados, May 7, 2011

    To get an eye berry potion you need one eaten poo! After u buy it, pour it over ur furdiburb to fix greedy eyes which is the colorful spots.cyclops tears make ur furdiburb have a cool band thingy over his eyes. in the forest, there r little patches of clovers. Water them. To get squirrels u need to water those plants. they come from time to time. And close to holidays, random items will grow out of the poop and if u water the plant it will grow certain things related to the holiday. To wash a furdiburb, you get him wet with the cloud, wash him with the aloevera and dry him with the wind. And if ur furdiburb is sick, go to the forest and buy a potion. Gosh, u guys ask a lot of questions.

  • honey ponce, Apr 13, 2011

    oh my...
    my alien is sick what should i do

  • honey ponce, Apr 13, 2011

    how can i wash my lil alien? please help me.. he's sad :(

  • Mya blackmon, Apr 7, 2011

    All u have to do is feed him :)

  • Jessie Chisnell, Apr 6, 2011

    My Furdiburb is sad.. How can I make him happy?

  • Sadie Dawson, Feb 12, 2011

    Erm, why is there a rose growing out of mine's poo?

  • Abbi SUmmer, Feb 10, 2011

    How do i get squirrels?

  • Anniken Torget, Feb 9, 2011

    I have one furdiburb poop, but it doesn't seem to work bying Eyeberry Juice >.< what should I do ??

  • Teresa Mayer, Feb 5, 2011

    where do you get the mushrooms and what thing do you set them on for the new stairway area?

  • josh robinson, Jan 19, 2011

    I'm unsure what the eye berry juice does, I've never had thebillness caused by "greedy eyes". Amy are you sure that potion is the correct one for you? O.o
    if it is then bring up your inventory by double tapping and holding your pet.
    Select the potion and it brings it into the screen your pets on, e.i. home, pick the potion up and it'll tilt if u hold it above/near your pet, wallah! Your pet's cured. This is done with every potion. (Excluding the star game one's)

    As for the spacecraft no one knows, as it hasn't been added yet. (Patches), so ammending your craft is.... impossible for the time being =3
    the guys working on the game are a small team of three that lead normal working lives like us, so they can't work on it 24/7 =3
    patience be avertue. ^_^

  • Amy Johnson, Jan 19, 2011

    What do I do with the eye berry juice once I get it? And how do I fix my spaceship?

  • josh robinson, Jan 13, 2011

    In the new update it's created a new area.
    I saw the windmill toy and thought of wind, fed the lil'man a mushroom (spontainously) and it created fire. That's when it dawned me. FIRE, WATER, EARTH, AIR. The rock, the rain, the mushroom caused him to burp fire, and the wind to blow the windmill toy =3

    The items are superb! Just get to the final planet, pluto i think?, and just use a checkpoint potion and it's easy sailing from there on.

    Apart from the problem I now face, the spaceship... HOW? I've tried thinking outside the box 'n all... Lets get reading these posts lol.

  • sherlyn, Jan 12, 2011

    how do you unlock the staircase?

  • Latria, Jan 12, 2011

    Eye berry juice price is one furdiburb poop! Lol

  • sierra perry, Nov 29, 2010

    Can anyone tell me what the object is that you need to buy the Eye Berry Juice? I can't figure out what in the world it is!

  • sierra perry, Nov 29, 2010

    Go to the owl and get the free star quest potion, then bring it to the sisters at the fountain and drag the potion to the sister on the right. It'll start swirling colors then put the alien in the fountain and collect the stars for money. If you tilt the phone back and forth he'll go higher and higher as long as you keep hitting more stars. I've found more planets the higher you go.

  • joy teo, Nov 28, 2010

    hello! but does anyone know how to earn money ? my pet is sick and i need money to buy potion for it... please help me

  • Lucikeler Pereira, Nov 22, 2010

    Why is cyclop tears for please?

  • Bristin Millard, Sep 9, 2010

    i dont understand what to do when the furdifurb is sick with multi colored spots, i dont have enough to buy the potions. i just want him to get better so i can play with him!!!

  • Sarah Y, Aug 4, 2010

    Thanks Lyndi for the woods clue! I personally really enjoy this game even if there are not a lot of things to do. Its just something fun to do once in a while when I'm bored at work ;D

  • Lyndi, Jul 10, 2010

    Here's what I know:
    HATCHING - Pick up egg, drop egg. Place Mama Hen on top of egg. Tilt your phone from side to side to rock egg back and forth. When one of these techniques works, you'll see another black crack on the egg. You have to do all three and your Furdiburb will hatch within 30 minutes.
    FEEDING - Grown fruit, sushi, cheese, and...squirrels by pulling a cloud down over a sprout on the ground. To save it for later, touch the fruit and hold for a couple seconds and it will be stored. To get it back (or check inventory), press and hold the Furdiburb.
    THE WOODS - Go to the woods & apothecary by swiping your finger across the ground from right to left. To enter the apothecary, press and hold the door. The potions are used when your Furdiburb is sick - use the potion that is the same color(s) of the spots on his face. To get back home, swipe the ground from left to right.
    BATH TIME - Drag a cloud down from the sky onto the Furdiburb. Then grab a leaf from the aloe plant near the door of your house and hold it over him, little sudsy bubbles will show up. Then grab a wind swirl from the sky and put it on the little guy, a tornado will show up and dry him off. IT MUST BE IN THIS ORDER! Water, Aloe, Wind.
    WAKE UP - To get him out of bed so you can play with him, knock knock knock on the door.
    MAMA HEN - If you fling Mama Hen into the sky, she'll fly off. She will be back when you reopen the app. If you feed her to the Furdiburb on accident, she's gone for a while - until the developers figure out what to do with her. So don't eat her because you don't know how long it will be until she comes back.

    The next update will be adding more to the apothecary, in-game currency, and mini-games. Be patient! There are only 3 people working on this app in their spare time and they've done a beautiful job so far - it'll only get better, too! It's not the only game in the Market, I'm sure you guys can find something to do in the meantime.