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ADWLauncher EX

About this app:Show more
1.6 and up
500,000 - 1,000,000
USD 4.48

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ADWTheme One


Customizable home launcher replacement app!

What exactly is a home replacement app?
ADWLauncher EX is a normal application that runs whenever you press the HOME key on your Android device. It's what most people know as the "android desktop".

What makes ADW different?

-Totally compatible with all versions from Android 1.6 to 4.1!
-Highly customizable
-There's thousands of different skins and themes!
-You can mix and match skins,docks, icons and folders etc
-Configure applications in unlimited groups and make unwanted apps go into hiding
-Qucik setup screen with easy access to add/configure items
-Gesture control (set 2-fingers swipe up-down, swipe up-down, pinch in-out, etc)
-Configure the action bar, just like the Android 3.x+ interface fr tablets
-Edit screens to add, remove, swap or resize desktop screens
-Configure desktop visual indicators
-Tweak folders and file management, colors, content previews etc.
-AppWidget picker (Android 4.1 and higher)
-Icons editor allows you to create or edit customized shortcuts
-AppWidget resizing
-AppWidget restore and backup (Android 4.1 and higher)
-Customize apps dock with unlimited shortcuts using endless scroll.
-Plenty of settings to fiddle with: color, text, animations, sizes, whatever you want!

What's the difference between ADW.Launcher & ADWLauncherEX?

The ADWLauncherEX and ADW.Launcher apps have the same core, but ADWLauncherEX incorporates more features and improvements.

For example:

-10 styles of app drawers: 3D waterfall, 3D Roll, 3D Ball, 3D Wall, 3D Cube
-New desktop transitions: new navigation animations between screens.
-Configure icon sizes with high quality icons from your favorite themes!
-Save presets of you custom configurations: configure and change your desktop's configuration with 1 click!
-Backup and restore presets, quickly and easily. You can even share your presets with friends!
-More to come!!!

App Screenshots

ADWLauncher EX
ADWLauncher EX
ADWLauncher EX
ADWLauncher EX
ADWLauncher EX
ADWLauncher EX
ADWLauncher EX
ADWLauncher EX


Test Report

Android, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... Okay, without wanting to go too Shakespearean on you, we here at AndroidPIT are all (...) » More...

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Latest Community Comments

  • The best home launcher application. Amazing. Works flawlessly.
    Highly recommended !
    Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305 LTE with stock Jelly Bean 4.1.2

  • Gordon Margolese, Dec 9, 2012

    nice launcher and good customizations.
    I would like it better if the dock had infinite scrolling.

  • Vir Min, Feb 7, 2012

    Sticking with Go...

  • User picture
    Barend Stapelberg, Dec 12, 2011

    can't update in App Center

  • john tetreault, Dec 10, 2011

    Since installing the latest update of this, my home button no longer works, and my lock screen no longer works....setup a pattern lock, tell it too lock screen, but it does nothing and never locks.... Uninstalling until fixed.

  • jacco huysmans, Dec 7, 2011

    update sucks. borders left and right?? less icons t fit on dock?? placing icons is a nightmare. how do I revert back???????????????

  • Fraser Magee, Dec 7, 2011

    new version is missing standard dock bar. reverting back. lame update

  • Bart O, Dec 7, 2011

    The update fixes all issues with Android ICS (action bar too). Wow, this app is worth every penny! Have tried every launcher available but after the last update of ADW EX, there is no competition. Hopefully the next release will have some native widgets : agenda, Facebook etc like launcher pro. Bought that one too a year ago and ever since it is unmaintained....go ADW EX

  • ColdSphinX, Dec 7, 2011

    The new dock system is horrible and the new ics style folders make it verry verry unstable. Going back to

  • User picture
    Barend Stapelberg, Oct 25, 2011

    It needs a scrollable dock like GO Launcher EX.

  • jeremy menestret, Oct 15, 2011

    time for an update m8

  • nicole, Sep 23, 2011

    Working great. So glad I purchased. I love it better than all the other launchers. HTC Evo

  • tempie123, Aug 22, 2011

    perfect launcher, using with eeepad transformer. @all that have problems with 3.2: when you press the home screen turn the tablet to portrait. this way the popup for choosing default launcher will show up...

  • User picture
    Barend Stapelberg, Aug 19, 2011

    this launcher was perfect and after this latest update everything loads up in stages when waking the phone. please fix this

  • Lane, Aug 7, 2011

    very un happy with app now everytime i hit the home button it reboots the launcher. please fix or ill go to a different launcher. ive seen this issue in comments a lot please update soon ive inly had one update since i got the app and have nothing but issues.

  • nicole, Jun 25, 2011

    Has to reload all the time! After closing any app and even after unlocking screen. kinda frustrating.Been doing this since I purchased.I still use it because its the best though..just wish. that bug would get fixed.HTC INCREDIBLE

  • nicole, Jun 11, 2011

    Thank you for the update! It so much smoother and I'm sooo loving the personalized presets! I'm so happy to be using ADW again! HTC Incredible

  • jason baskaran, Jun 2, 2011

    better app drawer now. however the widgets and app shortcuts on the homescreen are too sensitive. when I pinch or swipe it opens them. pls fix

  • jason baskaran, May 23, 2011

    nice. a little less buggy but clicks apps which pinching and enters them which is beyond annoying. htc desire hd

  • Lane, May 22, 2011

    closes down after every time i hit home button when an app is open. fix please. droid 2

  • Rick Bosch, May 9, 2011

    Update secures its spot as the to launcher.

  • Rick Bosch, May 3, 2011

    I've tried Launcher Pro Plus, GO Launcher EX and Zeam, nothing is as smooth as ADW. I won't go back. HTC Desire.

  • John L, Apr 10, 2011

    Best of its kind!

  • Tim Yiu, Apr 5, 2011

    keep up the good work =]

  • jason baskaran, Apr 4, 2011

    buggy buggy buggy . developer has abandoned this. avoid and get launcher pro or golauncher ex

  • Michael Burrows, Apr 1, 2011

    Godd on Archos 101. would like to see cube transitions as a feature

  • Rick Bosch, Mar 31, 2011

    The only app worth paying for. Htc desire.

  • jason baskaran, Mar 17, 2011

    loved thia but no updates in ages and had loads of fc's which is annoying as i loved this app. using go launcher ex now. that's where it's at.

  • Aaron Caniglia, Feb 16, 2011

    In my opinion, Launcher Pro was better than the normal ADW. But this, this is something different. I've uninstalled LauncherPro, this is so so much speedier, and has better features. It's amazing, worth the money. I reccomend this to everyone!

  • jeremy menestret, Feb 15, 2011

    Its great and easy to use but its quite sluggish in app drawer. running galaxy s with latest darky rom and speedmod so powerfull enough. please fix.that

  • nicole, Feb 4, 2011

    also won't let me make a phone call sometimes. has froze up completely at least 4 times in the passed few days and had to remove battery just to get my phone to work again. Going back to sense again till made more stable. hopefully soon. I love everything about this launcher. if it was only smooth running.

  • nicole, Feb 4, 2011

    was great after i updated last but now its really slow again. lags after unlock,won't let me use keyboard sometimes,sliding between screens is slow. frustrating. started getting fcs again. Im not sure what happened. I haven't installed any new programs that could be clashing with it either. iv reset my phone a few times and still the same. HTC Incredible.

  • nicole, Jan 26, 2011

    There 5 stars! Thank for This its great!

  • nicole, Jan 23, 2011

    I love it! This is so great. So many options its amazing. Afrer update it seems to run alot better! Thanks! I ment to put 5 star..oops!

  • Costea Mihail, Jan 13, 2011

    Very good app. It will be nice to have a feature like manage applications when you press menu, just like in Gingerbread launcher.

  • coffeeboy, Jan 12, 2011

    no update on androidPIT only v1.2,where is v1.2.1...

  • jason baskaran, Jan 12, 2011

    this needs 6 stars. frequent updates, getting slicker, cooler looking and more and more stable. no launcher comes close. keep it up dev.

  • John L, Jan 9, 2011

    Please fix frequent fc...otherwise great app

  • nicholas lee, Jan 8, 2011

    Anyway i can get the .apk file? when i try to download from app center in just tells me that for security reasons it will not install the app on my phone... Samsung Captivate, rooted and i can side load apps... just cant seem to find the apk for this one... ive allready purchased and before i get a refund i wanted to see if i could get the .apk... higher rating when i can actually see this in acction

  • jason baskaran, Jan 7, 2011

    wow. great update. silky smooth. keep up the great work.

  • coffeeboy, Jan 6, 2011

    why there is no update on app centre?market has update adwlauncher EX to v1.1

  • Dave Thornton, Jan 1, 2011

    Slightly better than LanucherPro, it doesn't have nearly as much battery drain. Once it's found all your apps under settings it really runs smooth and the abundance of settings is excellent, thats why I gave it a 5* rating.

  • John L, Dec 30, 2010

    Please fix the fc issue, otherwise awesome!

  • Scott M, Dec 29, 2010

    Love it, def best home screen app. Very fast and no problems. developer quick to respond. Would give this 1,000 stars if I could. Does need scrollable lock!

  • Andre' Roberson, Dec 28, 2010

    I like the ui but i get too many force close. Also very laggy. Please fix soon.

  • Michael Worden, Dec 28, 2010

    I can't download it

  • teun berends, Dec 27, 2010

    How can i get it on my phone,i look in my apps but where can i sync it?

  • LiFaD, Dec 27, 2010

    Dieser ADW Launcher läuft endlich mal flüssig, die kostenlose Version hat bei mir dermaßen geruckelt das ich es gleich wieder deinstalliert hab. Aber jetzt einfach nur Top (SGS 2.2.1), jeden cant wert, hat jetzt meinen Launcher Pro ersetzt. Klare Kaufempfehlung von mir. :)

  • coffeeboy, Dec 26, 2010

    no regret to buy this awesome adwEX via paypal....

  • Mike H., Dec 26, 2010

    plain awesomeness!

  • Ralph Niederlander, Dec 26, 2010

    Amazing. Very well done. Best launcher period. Very friendly developer and great customer service. Immediately answered an email and fixed and purchase issue. Highly recommend.