Origianl Battery vs. Third-Party Battery

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Sep 28, 2013 5:57:31 AM via Website

When you decide to buy a spare battery for your phone, which kind of battery do you choose, original battery or third-party battery? Do you have any confusion about the choice at that time?:*)

Original battery comes with the cell phone. There is no doubt that it can fit the cell phone very well, no matter the size or the specs. The production technology of original batteries is mature so that the quality of most original batteries is very high. They can offer the guarantee to safety of the battery and the users. That is why original batteries are chosen by some cell phone users.:P

However, the price of original batteries is comparatively high, so many cell phone users turn to third-party batteries. Actually, the third-party battery manufacturers can also master the mature production technology. They can also provide high quality batteries which are as good as original batteries. Moreover, some original equipment manufacturers of cell phone batteries are also third-party manufacturers, so that the third-party batteries from them can also well fit the phones and the quality is as good as the original batteries. Without the brand effect of cell phone producers, the third-partty replacement batteries are not so expensive as original batteries. It is good for customers. Another advantage of third-party battery is the extended capaicty. Most cell phone manufacturers do not provide extended battery. It is inconvenient for heavy users.:smug:

All in all, I think that buying a third-party replacement battery from a famous manufacturer is more economical than getting an original battery. Maybe you can get the placebo effect form the original batteries, but it is of no use to me. I can get the placebo effect from money saved. Ha-ha!:lol:

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Nov 7, 2013 11:26:29 AM via Website

yes agreed with you buying third party batteries may sound cheap and you are ready to handle placebo effect...:what::what: but for saving pennies i'll not prefer to consume $$$ . Why to live in horror when by paying extra bucks will give you assurity ! :P:P