Question about processors

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Dec 23, 2013 7:09:53 AM

simply put, 28nm technology delivers twice the gate density of the 40nm process and also features an SRAM cell size shrink of 50 percent. Or even simpler, it produces faster chips that use less power.


Dec 23, 2013 12:53:28 PM

Basically the A9 should be about 20% faster, but it's not always that straightforward. A quad-core A7 with 1gb RAM would out-perform a dual-core A9 with 512mb RAM, obviously, plus would be more efficient battery-wise, though the specs you quote (40nm cortex a9 or 28nm cortex a7) are a bit vague. The 28nm architecture would allow for more cores/RAM than any comparable 40nm based tech for a mobile device, i.e. to get the equivalent amount of processing power the battery life on a 40nm board would be severely compromised.


Dec 23, 2013 4:14:42 PM

Huawei's k3v2 compares well with older tech such as the Nvidia tegra 3 or the earlier snapdragon 200/600's, especially in its graphic capabilities, but it's fallen behind now. They've introduced a k3v2+(possibly called the k3v3) which should be pretty good, it'll be seen in the ascend P6s. As for the A7, it's futureproofing and nothing more. There are a handful of proprietary apps that benefit at the moment, but come ios8/9/10 the architecture of the chip will come into play. There are hardly any android apps that make full use of quad-core processors either, to be fair.


Dec 23, 2013 5:39:03 PM

The ascend should be quicker than both versions of the sIII (dual or quad core) out the box, but the sIII has a huge number of custom roms and development that could make it a lot faster, though focussing on a benchmark app result is a poor way to discern a phone's true speed plus extreme tweaks and mods can make it unstable or even unusable.. Personally I'd go for the P6, the processor is great for graphics, 2gb ram would give it much more usable speed, and overall it seems physically better built. If you don't mind losing out on the seemingly unlimited amount of dev support on the sIII (there is some p6 support on xda) that is...