Flappy Bird high score cheat - set your own high score!

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Feb 6, 2014 3:56:30 PM

There's a very simple cheat to set whatever high score you want in Flappy Bird. Here's the steps. All you need is a fresh install of Flappy Bird with a high score above 1 in it and root access on your device. Oh, and ES File Manager is required too.

  • Just install the fresh version of Flappy Bird (don't worry about losing your high score because you're about to set your own!).
  • Play it once just to get a high score above 1 in the score sheet.
  • Go to ES FIle Manager and make sure you have Root Explorer turned on in the navigation panel, accessed via the world/phone icon in the top left (or swiping left to right from that area).

  • In the Local pane, you want to go to the Device root directory and then Data and then Data again.
  • Now just look for the com.dotgears.flappybird folder (you can search for flappybird if necessary) and open it.

  • You'll see a couple of folders, open the Shared_prefs folder.
  • Open FlappyBird.xml and choose ES Note Editor when the popup window appears.
  • Open the action overflow menu (top right, three dots) and hit Edit.

  • Change the score to whatever you want it to be. I went for something at least mildly believable: 237. If you enter 999 I think your friends will know something is up.
  • Save your changes and play again. You'll now see your new high score on the scoreboard.

Don't blame me for any feelings of guilt associated with falsely making your friends bow down at your Flappy Bird feet based on this cheat.

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Apr 15, 2014 5:53:24 AM

im unable to turn on the root explorer in the es file manager app..... they say that 'sorry,test failed,this feature cannot run on your device .... can you help me find a solution for this ...

Apr 15, 2014 10:37:35 AM

Install an app from the Play Store called Root Checker, it'll let you know if your device has root or not. There could have been a problem with a firmware update at some point, because updates occasionally break root. If you've lost root you'll just have to go through the process again. Then ES should work.