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Galaxy S5 Android 5.0 Lollipop update: latest news

Update: Samsung yet to deliver promised Lollipop fixes

Authored by: Scott Adam Gordon — 1 day ago

The Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the Galaxy S5 has been blighted  with bugs, battery drain and crashes since its January roll-out. Samsung vowed to fix the S5 Lollipop update by rolling out a series of micro-updates in early May, but there are still no signs of them several weeks on. Read on for the full story, and all the other news about the Galaxy S5 Android update.

s5 lollipop
Galaxy S5 Android update: when will my Samsung phone get Lollipop? / © ANDROIDPIT

In early May, Samsung said on its UK Twitter page:

"Our engineers are currently sending out micro updates to help resolve any issues caused by the update. Thanks for your patience".

When users asked for more exact details, Samsung said it would tackle the "reported issues" caused by the update - which included crashes, overheating, and fast-draining battery. Samsung said that the "micro-updates" have already begun rolling out to devices, but that many users will have to wait for the updates to get approval from their carriers before receiving them.

If the problems on your Galaxy S5 are proving too much to cope with, then Samsung has advised users to factory reset their S5s. If you think that Lollipop pretty Material Design interface just isn't worth the hassle due to its pile of problems, then you can read our guide on how to downgrade your Galaxy S5 back to Android KitKat.

Have you had problems with Lollipop on your S5? Will you wait for the fixes or go back to KitKat? Let us know in the comments.

android lollipop broken
Is Lollipop on your Galaxy S5 broken? Samsung says fixes are on the way. / © ANDROIDPIT

Galaxy S5 Android update in the US

AT&T Galaxy S5 update

AT&T is the last major US carrier to deliver the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to its Galaxy S5 owning customers, announcing its roll-out plans via its ATTCares Twitter account. Head to your settings > about phone > software update page to download it now.

T-Mobile Galaxy S5 update

T-Mobile Galaxy S5 owners can upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA right now. The update comes in at around 940 MB, so make sure you're on Wi-Fi when you download it. 

Verizon Galaxy S5 update

The Galaxy S5 Lollipop update is also available for S5 owners on the Verizon network (SM-G900V). The update apparently arrived in two bundles, upgrading the Verizon Galaxy S5 firmware to build number VRU1BNLC.

Sprint Galaxy S5 update

Sprint followed hot on Verizon's heels, pushing out the update OTA for the US Galaxy S5 (model number SM-G900P). To check to see if the update is waiting for you, just go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update.

The Sprint changelog is pretty minimal, featuring:

  • Android OS update to v5.0 Lollipop
  • Enhanced VoWiFi UI
  • Lumen tool bar removed

Galaxy S5 Android update in the UK/Europe

The Galaxy S5 Lollipop update has been available in the UK and Europe for a while, but a recent patch brought back mute mode to the quick-settings menu. This feature had been removed when Android 5.0 first arrived (as Lollipop doesn't have a standard silent mode), but made a return with the Galaxy Note Edge running Android 5.0.1. The upgraded Lollipop firmware for the Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) rolled out with build number G900FXXU1BOB7. 

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 Android 5 0 Lollipop mute quick notifications
Mute mode returns to the Galaxy S5 with the latest firmware patch from Samsung. / © ANDROIDPITHow 

Are you experiencing problems with the Lollipop update for your Galaxy S5? How do you feel about how long Samsung's taking to fix it? Vent your frustrations in the comments below.

Updated by Robert Zak on May 26, 2015

Originally from the UK, Scott graduated in Popular Music Studies at Newcastle University and attributes most of his success there to his beloved Samsung Galaxy S2. A lifelong Android fan, Scott has never owned an Apple device, of any kind, and doesn't see this changing anytime soon.


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  • Jolene Brown 3 hours ago Link to comment

    Complete nightmare! I hate my phone right now. Slow start, frozen screens, dropped calls. There are so many delays in connecting when making phone calls. I hope they get this fix done quickly.

  • Chad_Higgins 1 day ago Link to comment

    I got 5.0 lollipop update on my Sprint Galaxy S5 and it runs perfectly? dont understand all the complaints. But it also ran smoothly with kit kat!

  • Erik Schremp 1 day ago Link to comment

    either take your phone to the Samsung experience at Best Buy and have them flash the latest image or download the image from Samsung updates or Sam mobile and use Odin to flash the latest Verizon s5 image after doing that my phone worked perfectly

  • Jack Shaw 1 day ago Link to comment

    Why is U. S. Cellular never mentioned in ay of these types of articles?

  • PamelaMichel 3 days ago Link to comment

    Hello Scott, this is for you, you said, "The Galaxy S5 Lollipop update is also available for S5 owners on the Verizon network (SM-G900V). The update apparently arrived in two bundles, upgrading the Verizon Galaxy S5 firmware to build number VRU1BNLC."
    Are you sure you didn't mean BOC4? Because this is exactly where I'm confused. I thought the very first Lollipop Update was BNLC and next "UPDATE OR FIX"on VERIZON for the G900V WAS BOC4. It stayed at 5.0 on my Verizon G900V. I got it April 1, and if it's supposed to be BNLC, NOT BOC4 then my phone is REALLY messed up. I have the BOC4.

    Can you explain which update you are describing up there in your article, please???

    Ever so grateful!!

    • Erik Schremp 1 day ago Link to comment

      See my comment above. I have the same issue with my verizon phone where I got the lolly pop up date in February was working fine then I got the new update in April and my phone went to crap had to take it to Samsung experience at Best Buy to flash the image or I did it myself with Odin downloading the image works perfect after that

  • PamelaMichel 1 week ago Link to comment

    I received the first Lollipop Update on my SM-G900V in February. Things were great for a few days, then all hell broke loose. Then after much complaining and trying things from all the big guns for Android, I received the whole new Lollipop update 5.0 AGAIN on April 1st (Ha maybe it was a joke) took forever to DL and afterwards, I searched the web for what just happened to my phone and it was nowhere to be found except this little magazine called Christian Today in their Tech News section, said Verizon had gotten with Samsung and created a fix, but was all new 5.0, not 5.0.1 or 5.1.0 nada, just all new 5.0. Worked AMAZINGLY for about 1 week. Now I'm in it all over again with a completely new set of problems. So I had been putting off the Factory Restore or Reset, whichever one you call it, so I finally took THAT plunge, twice, and nope. STILL MAJOR PROBLEMS AND GETTING WORSE. The last ditch effort was just this week. I'm at a loss. I loved my S5. Had no plans for an S6, after hearing about their probs. Actually I was thinking of getting one, but since April 10th and thinking about not being able to swap out the battery, as I do 3x a day now, I'm not interested anymore. My S5 is less than 5 months old, and it's a piece of crap, now.

    • Jay Maramag 6 days ago Link to comment

      How about downgrading your device to Kit-Kat?

      • PamelaMichel 5 days ago Link to comment

        Thanks, I've been seeing that a lot in the past 2 weeks and have been thinking seriously about downgrading back to KitKat. Yeah I may just do that. I guess I really expected a fantastic new firmware that was going to do all these great new things that Samsung promised, and having just a taste of them made me want them more and so to FIX it, so many others fixed theirs by just one Reset, why not mine? The "Faster, Better, Stronger" Syndrome. I had it, but after fighting off the Factory Reset, doing it, (TWICE) getting nowhere, except worse, (maybe?) I guess that's all I have left to do. Knowing my luck, I'll brick my phone. I know there is a step by step sure fire way out there, I've seen it on all my tech sites, but.... my luck I'm having....
        I got on chat with Samsung dot com two nights ago, and after explaining everything for an hour and a half, we got disconnected. She was getting my IMEI number, and then, just gone. I sat here in tears, just so frustrated and overwhelmed, wanting my brand new S5, I got for my birthday on 9/11, back. I don't overuse my phone. I have a 64 gig SAMSUNG SD card and I make sure to put all that I have a lot of, such as, my photos (that aren't in Google Cloud Photos) music, and videos of my son drumming with his band, on there, so that the phone memory stays at about half full. I do not game. I do not watch or DL movies, TV and the only Videos I mostly watch are the ones I make, then move those to my PC! The only problem I thought I caused could have been the over 8K, yes THOUSAND, photos I've taken. I'm a photog, but they are ALL on a cloud, and on Google Drive and Cloud, as I said above, I've made perfectly sure of that! My SD card has 58gig left on it after me moving a ton of stuff to it. (HOW CAN THAT BE???) My phone memory is at 50%. BUT, and this has always bothered me but I cannot seem to find an answer in any forum, my ROM is almost full. Actually, it's now at 70% and holding, before I got Lollipop it was at 92% and every one that looked at it could not figure out why. I've used so many File Explorers and managers but they all confuse me. I have SD Maid, now, and it is confusing!! I've tried all the TOP Cleaners, and that ROM percentage never moves. Idk I'm at a loss, now.
        Thanks for the idea of rolling back to KitKat, looks like it's my LAST-LAST hope.

    • Erik Schremp 1 day ago Link to comment

      Pamela. I was in the exact situation as you. you need to take your phone to the best buy Samsung experience and they can flash the new image on your phone for a complete wipe I did it at home using ODIN with downloading the firmware online and my phone is like a brand new machine it works perfect on the latest lollipop release

  • Dee Murray 1 week ago Link to comment

    Hi I have a galaxy s5 model sm g900f I got it on Saturday and updated it to lolypop 5.0 but every time I check for the update to 5.0.1 It says my phone is up to date I know you can get it because I had the exact same phone before this one and managed to get the update ok could someone please help me also when I got this new phone every time I try and connect to Google plus through clash of clans nothing happens I click and nothing comes up I have tried everything please help me lol x

  • Wilson Ndebay 1 week ago Link to comment

    I got my lollipop update sometime in March with some problems as others but it is running smoothly now. I think I did up to four factory reset at different times before getting to this. My battery life has improved than when I was running kitkat. It last me all day and the percentage is around 40 when I go to bed. I'm a good user anyway especially when I come from work. I come from work with 62 percent battery, it's great.

  • James Cool 1 week ago Link to comment

    I've been a fan of Samsung since the S3, but now i am starting to get angry.
    This lollipop update is such a enormous pain, it has totally failed to keep the feel of "android" like the previous "candy bar" updates.
    My S5 is not my S5 anymore,alot of the control I hade is missing, and I will have to root or roll back just to customise it to the way I want.

    + power problems
    + lag and freeze
    + more bloat ware
    + less options
    + white menus /no option to change
    + runs hot

    and much much more.

    I am actively looking for something else to use and the CyanogenMod is looking a lot better then ever to me.

  • neil clarke 2 weeks ago Link to comment

    Wow there seems to be an awful lot of people complaining about the lollipop update,I seem to have gotten lucky I installed an ambassadii lollipop firmware onto my SM-G900F and it's been running like a dream for a few weeks now,much better than the original kitkat,not sure why it's such a good firmware it's been fast and stable consistently, it's based on stock Samsung s5 lollipop and didn't trip Knox or even show as custom rom status after flashing which is good

  • EllieMaysa 2 weeks ago Link to comment

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  • Lloyd Segna 2 weeks ago Link to comment

    I have talked to Verizon and Samsung and they both have told me they are sorry about the issues with this Firmware and my phone problems. I am getting a new phone but am worried that it will not be a new phone and still have the same problems. This was a very good phone when I bought it in August of 2014. I can only hope that Samsung, Verizon, and Google (I am going to start calling them Giggle because that is probably what they are doing right now). I know it is complicated to roll these updates out anymore, but these companies are making a lot of money from all of us, they should make sure they work before releasing them. It is called testing and more testing.

    • DBK 2 weeks ago Link to comment

      I think that was their plan, for ppl to upgrade / buy the s6...(possibly) so disappointing to have to wait for fixes.

  • Jill Klausen 3 weeks ago Link to comment

    I despised this update. It literally ruined my phone. I was in tears for days until I figured out how to roll it back to kit-kat 4.4.4. Features I use and love we're utterly destroyed.

    "Interruptions" now instead of "blocking"? I could not figure or how the hell to even begin setting it up, it was so un-user-friendly. Not to mention, you can no longer specify individual contacts whose calls and texts to always put through, even during silent time (like my husband, my elderly parents, etc.).

    Notifications POPPED UP on the screen at the top and you could NOT turn that damn feature off. So while you're reading something or playing a game or whatever, every damn notification POPPED UP IN YOUR FACE, COVERING THE TOP OF WHATEVER YOU WERE DOING! And worse still, if you touched it, you HAD to address it right then and there, no swiping it aside to deal with later. A-Freakin-Noying!

    And now Verizon is trying to shove the damn thing down my throat again, months after I went to the trouble of backing up my phone, uninstalling that piece of shit, reinstalling kit-kat, finding and reinstalling all my apps, having websites re-remember my passwords ...

    No. Just effing no!


    Thank you for any help anyone can provide.

    • McAfee 3 weeks ago Link to comment

      Totally agree with you 100%
      creator(s) of lollipop should ALL be fired!!

    • Donovan Ruckman 2 weeks ago Link to comment

      Unfortunately you can't tell the phone to do that. It will continue to pop up until you update. Sorry.

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