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Galaxy S5 Android update: when will I get it? [Lollipop arrives to AT&T customers]

Scott Adam Gordon

The Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the Galaxy S5 has at long last arrived to AT&T customers in the US. Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile have been shifting the Android 5.0 update out OTA for some time now, while Galaxy S5 LTE-A owners have been treated to Lollipop too. Find out all the latest news on the Galaxy S5 Android Lollipop update below.

s5 lollipop
Galaxy S5 Android update: when will my Samsung phone get Lollipop? / © ANDROIDPIT

Galaxy S5 Android update in the US

AT&T Galaxy S5 update

AT&T is the last major US carrier to deliver the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to its Galaxy S5 owning customers, announcing its roll-out plans via its ATTCares Twitter account. Head to your settings > about phone > software update page to download it now.

T-Mobile Galaxy S5 update

T-Mobile Galaxy S5 owners can upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA right now. The update comes in at around 940 MB, so make sure you're on Wi-Fi when you download it. 

Verizon Galaxy S5 update

The Galaxy S5 Lollipop update is also available for S5 owners on the Verizon network (SM-G900V). The update apparently arrived in two bundles, upgrading the Verizon Galaxy S5 firmware to build number VRU1BNLC.

Sprint Galaxy S5 update

Sprint followed hot on Verizon's heels, pushing out the update OTA for the US Galaxy S5 (model number SM-G900P). To check to see if the update is waiting for you, just go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update.

The Sprint changelog is pretty minimal, featuring:

  • Android OS update to v5.0 Lollipop
  • Enhanced VoWiFi UI
  • Lumen tool bar removed

Galaxy S5 Android update in the UK/Europe

The Galaxy S5 Lollipop update has been available in the UK and Europe for a while, but a recent patch brought back mute mode to the quick-settings menu. This feature had been removed when Android 5.0 first arrived (as Lollipop doesn't have a standard silent mode), but made a return with the Galaxy Note Edge running Android 5.0.1. The upgraded Lollipop firmware for the Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) rolled out with build number G900FXXU1BOB7. 

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 Android 5 0 Lollipop mute quick notifications
Mute mode returns to the Galaxy S5 with the latest firmware patch from Samsung. / © ANDROIDPIT

Galaxy S5 LTE-A Android update

The Galaxy S5 LTE-A Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update hit unlocked and carrier-branded devices in South Korea with model number SM-G906S. This bodes well for the international version Galaxy S5 LTE-A as well, with model number SM-G901F which surely can't be far away either. Let us know in the comments when it lands on your Galaxy S5 LTE-A or visit Sam Mobile for the SM-G906S firmware now.

Galaxy S5 Android 5.0 update: what to expect

We updated our Galaxy S5 to Android 5.0 Lollipop and you can see what it looks like below:

androidpit galaxy s5 lollipop one
The home screen and app drawer. / © ANDROIDPIT
androidpit galaxy s5 lollipop two
The new notifications shade and quick-settings menu. / © ANDROIDPIT
androidpit galaxy s5 lollipop three
The lock screen (with new lock screen notifications) and all-new recent apps list. / © ANDROIDPIT
androidpit galaxy s5 lollipop four
The dialer screen and settings menu. / © ANDROIDPIT

How to downgrade the Galaxy S5

There are a whole bunch of Android Lollipop problems out there, from battery drain issues to crashes and reboots. If you recently upgraded your Galaxy S5 to Lollipop, and are regretting the decision, follow our how to downgrade the Galaxy S5 from Lollipop to KitKat guide, and get it back to the previous version. 

When you get the Lollipop update, be sure to let us know how you like it in the comments below.

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  • Daniel Miller 2 hours ago Link

    I just updated yesterday on the At&t S5 and have had none of the battery drain, reboot, crash or battery running hot issues. actually seems a bit faster now. ...odd I never get lucky

  • Eric Walm 3 days ago Link

    Im now at 32% on my update for the USA version of the S5 Active on AT&T.

    I really hope this update don't do what others are saying it does. My current opinion on smart phones and tablets is... They don't need to market upgrading our phones or tablets. They just have to OTA "push" us to have to upgrade our devices. Its all about marketing. And a update that slows down our devices is the perfect marketing tool.

    I rooted my Nexus7 (2012). Because it became slower then anything I have ever used. And after rooting. I don't really see the point. Other than my plans to downgrade it's software so I can use it without the huge lags. I really hope Google #android done make me hack and strip down my S5 Active. I like it just the way it is.

    I don't like the root idea. But if this new "updating/marketing” download slows down my phone. I'll pay a Unix hacker to strip it down to bare metal and lock it up with just KitKat. We pay good money for our products, we spend extra on protective cases that are military grade. Makes me sick. Ill update on how she works when its done "updating/marketing”

  • Michael Welter 3 days ago Link

    Was this supposed to be an improvement? I haven't found any improvements yet. The phone runs hotter, and the battery drains faster. Apps run slower. Features that I used a lot have been removed. For example, when the phone is locked, I could pres and hold the power button, and set the phone to silent. I can't do that any more. I have to unlock the phone to do that now. When the phone is in Airplane mode, I could easily turn off Airplane mode when I would light up the screen. Now I can't do that.

  • Shawn Schmitty 3 days ago Link

    I dislike the changes. Makes my feathers on my dublia erect

  • Carla Randle 3 days ago Link

    I had my update yesterday just checked in my pics and I have pictures of other people including children please tell me why this had happened

  • Shawn Moebius 4 days ago Link

    Love the new update! Runs perfectly, no problems battery lasts longer and it looks alot better. Good job android lol.

    BTW I have a Samsung galaxy s5 with verizon

    • Shawn Schmitty 3 days ago Link

      Either your a liar, don't use your phone much or are not giving a true comparison. My galaxy s5 on Verizons network without lollipop update battery would last approximately 15 hours with heavy use. Got the darn update and playing music only killed the battery in less than 45 mins.

  • Mike Maunu 5 days ago Link

    Lollipop Sucks! Slow, sketchy and drains battery faster than an IPhone. Changing mine back, Don't they realize all the flash just causes more problems.....

  • Amanda Tollison 1 week ago Link

    I received the 5 hour update 3 days ago and I absolutely HATE it!! All my apps crash constantly and/or run extremely slow now. Please someone help me fix this. I've uploaded all my photos and videos to the cloud and deleted them from my device along with 15 apps I never or hardly use and it's still acting stupid.

  • phantomsteve 1 week ago Link

    I'm in the UK on an EE Pay Monthly contract and my Samsung Galaxy S5 has just been updated to Lollipop 5.0.2 today. I'll comment when i've used it a bit!

  • Kimberly Brundage 1 week ago Link

    This update is absolutely terrible!! I thought an update was supposed to be a good thing, but I feel like I've downgraded. When I click on my gallery app it takes forever to even load my pictures. I have to hit the menu key, stop all apps, and then *maybe* get the pictures to load without waiting forever. This update has affected other apps as well, but the gallery/picture issue is by far the most irritating. I can't even view pictures that I just took without having the screen freeze up on me. Did they even bother testing this update before making it available?? I also don't care for the fact that all notifications can be read from the lock screen.

  • RavenLocke 1 week ago Link

    I was very delighted when I purchased my Galaxy S5. By far "BEST" mobile phone I've purchased thus far! That is 'until' the big rollout of the "OVER RATED" *LOLLIPOP UPDATE*!!!
    I do not even know where to begin with the 'many' issues that have ensued.
    Please take my advice, spend a little time (at best) and do your research BEFORE installing!
    *A Few Examples:
    1)Battery Life Declined rather than inproved
    2)Battery Temp Is much hotter
    3)Absorbent amount of space used for update
    4)Apps. Not responding well to update
    5)Dropbox App. No Longer able to be stored on SD Card
    *These are just to name a few*
    -->PLEASE NOTE: I acknowledge that every "Carrier/Phone" is different.
    "Varying" Results.
    ~I base 'my opinion' using a

    • Amanda Tollison 5 days ago Link

      I am with AT&T and I'm having just as many issues with this new Lollipop update. You're not alone. I'm going to AT&T today I'm hoping they can downgrade that update without me losing anything like a reset does. Or hopefully they can fix it.

    • J. Johnson 5 days ago Link

      I agree. My battery runs out much faster and the phone gets hot quickly. Several apps are not loading quickly, or are freezing up. Not impressed.

  • Linda94804 1 week ago Link

    Lollipop sucks! I now dislike my phone of six months because I can't read the phone app buttons. How about basic usability as a criterion? Obviously the people working on this did not consider users over 40. All of the buttons shrunk so that the fonts on the buttons are tiny and difficult to read, and the color scheme--a two tone green-- further adds to the difficulty reading buttons.
    I am now stuck between my service provider Verizon, who was happy to waste an hour of my time trying to manipulate settings that do not change app design and Samsung, who says Verizon is the party that calls for Google updates to Android. What does Google care about my misery? They did not sell me a phone and I do not send them $90/month.

    I am thinking of an early migration to an iPhone at this point.

    • Cliffhanger 5 days ago Link

      I too am over 40 and am fairly new to Smartphones in general. Have you tried Settings -> My Device -> Accessibility -> Vision for the font size increase. Let me know if it works for you.

  • bkullolli 1 week ago Link

    Hello i have my s5 European and still i dont have any update software. I am with the androit 4.2.2. does the phone have any problem or what ? i will be glad if anyone would reply me. Thanks

  • Sally Hazel 2 weeks ago Link

    Does anyone know how to get the alarm to work when the phone is on silent?

  • Master Clutch 3 weeks ago Link

    Does anyone know if the Note 4 will be getting the update??

  • Eliane De Sousa 3 weeks ago Link

    No battery or overheating issues. I liked it better when in lock you could see just the app notifications on the top bar. Now you have to see the app notification and either part of the conversation you are having or the topic. If you hide it you get nothing. I don't like this new way at all. I have my phone locked for a reason not so people can read my incoming. You can completely turn it off but then you have to unlock to see a notification. With the old way, I could just see i had a bbm or an email and choose not to open it. Now I have to fully unlock every 2 seconds to see. So I could see how that would waste battery. It seems harder now to copy and paste in emails. Maybe I'm not used to it yet.

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