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Here's what to do when Google Play isn't working

Loie Favre (translation)

Each Android user has probably experienced the Google Play Store suddenly crashing and burning. Whether you get an error message when downloading apps or the Play Store just doesn’t work when you launch, it’s all just really annoying. Here are some tips that will get the Google Play Store working on your phone, guaranteed.

htc one google play store

1. Empty the cache

In most cases, you just need to empty the cache of the Play Store app. This is a storage area that will temporarily hold data which can then quickly be retrieved again without needing to be reloaded, meaning a page will load quicker. In order to empty this, you just need to open the settings and find the Apps section. Now choose ‘All’ and find the Google Play Store. Tap on it and press on the ‘Empty Cache’ button. Now when you open Google Play, it should run as before.

androidpit google play 1
In the individual app page for Google Play, you can delete the cache, data and uninstall updates.© AndroidPIT

2. Delete Data

If the first tip didn’t work, then you can try deleting the data from the Play Store. This pretty much sets the app back to square one and gets rid of a lot of saved information. The option is again found by following the same route as above, but this time you tap on ‘Delete Data’.

3. Uninstall Play Store updates

Even this can help. Sometimes an update will get Google Play all out of whack, so it makes sense to uninstall an update, which you do by going into the settings, search for Google Play Store and press the button that says  ‘Uninstall Updates’. This will revert Google Play back to the original version as it appeared when it was first installed on your device.

4. Google Play Services

androidpit google play 2
© AndroidPIT

Should Google Play still not work, then emptying the cache for Google Play Services could do the trick. Go to the application manager in your settings, look for Google Play Services and press the ‘Empty Cache’ button.

5. Activate Download Manager

If you have deactivated the Download Manager, Google Play won’t work anymore. To get it back, go to Settings, then App Manager (or equivalent) and all apps. Search for Download Manager and tap on the activate button. However, if this button says deactivate, no worries, this means that the Download Manager is already active.

6. Remove Google account and reinstate

androidpit google play 5
© AndroidPIT

Get back into the settings of your phone, but this time to ‘Accounts’ and choose Google and select the Google account that you use for Google Play. Tap the action overflow button (the three vertical dots in the top right corner) or menu soft button on a Samsung device and choose ‘Remove Account’. Confirm your choice and reboot your smartphone. Reinstate your Google account once it has completely loaded by going through Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Google.

7. Perform a Factory Data Reset of your smartphone

If you’ve done everything written above and still to no avail, then you might need to resort to the ultimate step of performing a Factory Data Reset of your phone. This could be your only way out of Google Play misery. However, be forewarned that all of your data will be lost, so it is super important to perform a complete backup beforehand. To perform a Factory Data Reset you go to your Settings once again, then ‘Backup and Reset’ and select ‘Factory Data Reset’ at the bottom of the list. Your smartphone will start anew and revert back to how it was when you first got it. Once the process is complete, you can set it up again as before and restore the backup.

androidpit google play 6
Make sure the box is ticked for ''Back up my data''. © AndroidPIT

We hope that these tips and tricks have helped you get Google Play working again. Did these work for you? Do you have any other advice that you could share?

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  • Mohan jakka 8 months ago Link

    if you have an SD card remove it and remount the card... works sometimes!

  • User picture
    Henry B. 8 months ago Link

    Or alternatively use the Androidpit app center instead!! ;)

  • Richard Eagar 8 months ago Link

    Before you do a factory reset, wait a bit, sometimes it's not your phone but Google that's down (and quite often at that!)

  • Alan Broughton 8 months ago Link


    1 ... Root your phone ( use framaroot apk ... quick and simple )

    2... Download and install Total Commande apk

    3... Run Total Commande , allow root access

    4... locate and open SYSTEM FILE

    5 .... locate and open ETC FILE

    6.... locate and open HOSTS FILE ...open with EDIT OPTION

    7... insert the symbol # before the second set of ip address numbers then save the changes and exit

    8 .... REBOOT PHONE

    9 .... add google account in settings and your playstore will now work


  • Bojan M. 8 months ago Link

    Factory reset, huh? A lame and a lazy fix for everything and it shows that that specific person that gives that particular advice has no freaking clue what's wrong. Why would I listen to someone like that? A factory reset is necessary only in total system crush, not because some app doesn't work. Fix your app or I won't use it.

  • Abdullah marouf 7 months ago Link

    Thank you very much. Activating download manager worked with me. I was so afraid that I'll have to factory-reset my S3 device.
    Thanks again androidpit 😃

  • Sandeep 7 months ago Link

    It works :) Thanks!

  • Chris Hanssen 6 months ago Link

    So I have an new Proscan Tablet Android 4.1.1 Jellybean OS and I can't get some apps to work properly. Why is this happening? Please send me an e-mail to:


    I can tell you more about it. Thanks.

  • Tanishq Jain 5 months ago Link

    Don't always factory reset , as third-party apps which have access to everything on your phone (Rooted) change files in the system. So , download total commander (www.ghisler.com) .Grant SU permission> File system root> Click on folder etc> open file "hosts" and edit the file by adding a # before the IP address type (eg; in the second line.

  • Alex Smiss 3 months ago Link

    None of these worked for me and I'm getting them in conjunction with the other errors. How about Google just fix the issue with the Play Store rather than forcing their customers to factory reset their phones over a single crappy app?

  • Terry J 2 months ago Link

    Try to visit this web page. I fixed mine using this method: https://www.pntbrother.com/google-play-has-stopped-working-solution-for-google-play/

  • Eli Rosales 1 week ago Link

    I have a galxy exhibit and i did all those steps and now i cant even sign in no more it says something about ur connection is not reliable and i do have internet cuz i can get on google .......plzz help me
    If u can reply to me on kik @eliorosales......its urgent

  • Rachel Pregunta 4 days ago Link

    It's funny, but it's true. Sometimes, th e simplest things solve the problem. I removed and and out back my memory card, and now it's flawless again, Google Play.