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10 Google Play Store Apps That Your Tablet Will Love (Part 1)

Eric McBride


It's no secret that I freakin LOVE MY TABLET. I picked up a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 a few months after it came out, and although it was damn expensive here in Germany, it was honestly worth every cent. Not only do I use it at home for surfing, gaming, and reading, but I also use it often here at work, and I can tell you that the possibilities of what you can do with this device are endless. If you're like me and you like rooting and tinkering with your devices, you probably spend a long time getting your home screens just the way you like. In order to do that however, you'll need the right apps, as not all of them play nice with tablets. So here are 6 Google Play Store (the next 4 coming shortly right after this article) app/widget suggestions in no particular order and with screenshots from my device that not only work very well on my tablet, but also make its homescreens look pretty freakin cool.

(My tablet is rooted and running an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM created by XDA member RomanB that's kanged from CyanogenMOD. I'm using Nova Launcher Prime to allow me to resize all widgets, which is useful for some widgets that won't let you stretch them all the way across the tablet screen).

1 & 2. Glass Widgets and HD Widgets

While both of these apps function very well on phones, I personally think that they really shine on tablets, as they can easily make use of the extra space on big screens. As you can see from the screenshot above, HD Widgets is the big weather widget on the left side, and I'm using Glass Widgets for my news feed on the right side. HD widgets allows you to change your weather widget into lots of different shapes and sizes. You can run a long tablet widget that stretches horizonally across the top or bottom of the screen, or as you see in the screenshot you can use a verticle variant. You can chose the colors of the clock, style of the weather, forecast, and can even use toggles for controlling your Wifi and many other functions easily. You can pick up this great app for €1.49 (around 2 US dollars) here.

Glass Widgets is a great app for me personally, as it allows you to pick the background color of your news (as shown), clock, calandar, or all 3 in one for a great looking and easy to use widget. You can choose your news sources and even define how often it auto scrolls. I can also pick which news app will open when clicking on the left side of it. There is a free version of the app that can be found on the Play Store here, but I would suggest picking up the Pro version via the unlocker here, as it gives more options for colors, transparency, and functionality. The app costs .€66 cents (around .87 US cents).

3. Wizz Widgets

If you're like me and have a thing for transparent glass-like widgets on your tablet, then you'll want to check out Wizz Widgets. As you can see in the screenie above, this great app will allow you to have transparent Facebook and Twitter Apps that scroll quickly and smoothly. If clear isn't your thing, you can also change the background colors, and you can even use a stack if a scrolling widget isn't what you're looking for. This app is free on the Google Play store and can be downloaded here. Highly recommended.

4. PS Touch

This is an INSANELY GOOD tablet app that not only lets you do LOTS of editing to pictures, but also gives you tutorials on how to perform different effects. The app is from Adobe and the "PS“ is naturally short for Photoshop, which is basically a tablet optimized version of the famous editing software. I can't even get started on how many different effects and edits you can make to pictures with this application. This app is a bit on the pricey side (€7.99, or a little over 10 US dollars), but for photographers that carry a tablet around, the investment is more than worth it. The app can be downloaded on the Play Store here.

5. Calculations 3.0 Tablet

I found this application by accident, and I LOVE it. I was actually searching for a good tablet optimized calculator when I ran across this app, and the great thing is that it provides not only that, but a unit converter and currency converter in a nice tablet optimized interface. There's a free version of the app here, but I sprung to pay the €.69 (around 91 US cents) to get the pro version here. Really useful app that is also easy on the eyes.

6. Platinum Tasks

If you bring your tablet to work and need something to organize meetings or organize project management, look no further. As the description of this app says, it truly is "Google Tasks on STERIODS“. You can manage meetings and projects for work or home easily with this app, and all in a nice and easy to use tablet optimized interface. I use this app on a daily basis, and I can honestly say that the customer support from the developers of this app is TOP NOTCH. If you have problems, they will sort it out, and they'll do it quickly. The app will cost you €3.99 (around 5.20 US dollars) and can be purchased from the Play Store here.

.............part 2 with the next 4 apps coming in just a bit. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Part 2 of this article can be found here

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  • PatPion Mar 23, 2012 Link

    Some great apps, thanks!

  • Eric McBride Mar 28, 2012 Link

    No problem! Thanks for reading!!!

  • alane smith Dec 14, 2012 Link

    I'm tryin to install google play on my genesis tablet please help