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Hardest Android games: prepare your nerves with these 10

Sterling Keys (translation)

If you’re finding out that Flappy Bird and Timberman are tough games, you’re just barely scrapping the surface. We’ve compiled a list of some of the hardest and most frustrating games currently available on the Google Play Store. Take a gander below and make sure you’re prepared to pull out at least a few hairs while playing some of these gems.

android game drives teaser
You're going to hate your smartphone. / © ANDROIDPIT

Some of the best difficult games available on Android have something in common: they are based on simple concepts and put your patience to the tests. We’ve done our best to take screenshots of all the games available in this list, however, in most cases, I was unable to even make it past the first level of the games. If you’re the competitive type, definitely share a screenshot of your high score in our forums.


Timberman screenshot
Timberman is hard, but this is probably one of the easiest games of this list. / © ANDROIDPIT

Let’s start with the easiest game to pick for this list: Timberman. The concept is simple, just cut a tree and avoid getting crushed by the branches that come down as your swing your axe. It is relatively easy to get higher scores in this game if you’ve got some patience and willing to keep your eye on the timer, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

Do not touch the spikes

hardest games dont touch spikes
Seriously, don't touch the spikes.  / © ANDROIDPIT

This game starts off simple and gets increasingly difficult as time goes on. Do not touch the spikes is one of those games on Android that is just a little bit too hard and frustrating. You’ll be lulled into a false sense of security at the start of the game and then be basking in a glow of despair shortly thereafter. However, I do prefer this game to Flappy Bird because it is more based on a question of skill than a question of luck.

Hardest Game Ever 2

hardest games hardest game 2
Three different difficulty modes, three different levels of frustration. / © ANDROIDPIT

This is actually a collection of a bunch of mini-games all rolled into one giant conglomeration known as the Hardest Game Ever 2. The games are classified into three different categories: easy, normal, andf hard. If you find that you breeze by the easy mode, you’ll most likely start pulling out your hair by the time you reach the hard mode.

Line Runner 2

line runner 2
Line Runner 2 offers the classic side scrolling running game combined with frustrating obstacles. / © ANDROIDPIT

As the name suggests, this Android game is a sidescrolling running game and the point of the game is to tap the screen to jump and avoid obstacles that appear on the screen. While it is easier than some games in the same genre, the longer you play, the harder the obstacles become and more precise you have to be with the timing of your jumps.  A classic but tough game nonetheless.

Rage Quit

hardest games rage quit
Get that red block on the green block. Simple, right? / © ANDROIDPIT

Rage Quit is a classic: the first level is easy and then things get crazy difficult. Basically, the premise is simple: get the red square into the green box without touching any of the walls. However, the touch screen also adds another dimension to the game as you need to have your finger over the square which can make it hard to keep track of it and its relatively proximity to the edges you so desperately need to avoid.

World’s Hardest Game

hardest game
Thought Rage Quit was hard? Not as hard as the World's Hardest Game. / © ANDROIDPIT

The title of “the hardest game in the world” really isn’t that far off for this game. The game takes the same concept from Rage Quit, but it adds a few more dimensions: including moving obstacles. Combined with the fact that you need to use your finger and cover the square to move it, the difficulty and frustration is multiplied tenfold.

Swing Copters

android game swing hard copters
Swing Copters is from the same developer as Flappy Bird and just as frustrating. / © AndroidPIT

The second successful game from the creator behind Flappy Bird, Swing Copters has the same annoying addictivenesss to it. The controls are chaotic and require you to tap the screen to change the horizontal direction of your character. The goal is to get between the bars at the top and combined with swinging hammer on the side of each bar, it gets ridiculously hard the moment you get through the first gate.

Dumb Ways to Die

dumb ways to die teaser
The game is in English, however there's no time to read anything anyway... / © Metro Trains

We have mentioned Dumb Ways to Die in the past. It’s a collection of mini games, 15 in total. The challenge in these games to move from one mini game to the next without distraction and as fast as possible as the game is based around speed and continues to get faster as you progress. Special mention goes to the piranha level in which you have to flick them away from a pink guy in distress.


hardest games duet
How skilled are your thumbs? Duet puts them to the test. © ANDROIDPIT

Duet isn’t based around speed, but rather on keeping track of movement and the dexterity of your thumb. The idea is to get the two balls that rotate around an axis to pass on by obstacles without touching them. It’s hard to really explain, but is definitely worth checking out as it is one of the best games out of the bunch that we’ve tried and is a little less frustrating than the others.

Mr. Flap

hardest android games mr flap
The epitome of difficulty. Best of luck with this one.  / © ANDROIDPIT

Mr. Flap uses the same principle behind Flappy Bird but somehow manages to make it even more difficulty. This time, you need to try and fly in a straight line through the bars that are on a moving rotating axis. When you get a clear a full rotation of obstacles, you get one point.  Good luck getting anywhere near a high school in the double digits, despite continued efforts, we’ve maxed out at 3.

Are there any other ridiculously hard games that you know about? Share them with us below!

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  • Joseph Washington 4 months ago Link

    I'm here to promote this new game I recently started playing and enjoying called Age of Strategy, its an awesome game if your into games that require some thought and time. I suggest to look at the help first and hope you consider it. Its for android devices, not sure for iOS. I'm currently playing on Galaxy S III. Make of that what you will. Anyways, good bye and good luck.

  • Adam Fairhurst 4 months ago Link

    I just downloaded duet and its amazing:)

  • Anthony Brng 1 month ago Link

    Maybe you should try this game, called Infinite Ink.
    No one til release of the game reaches level 5, its a lot of fun playing it and you should really try it too. In my opinion it should be in this list of hardest android games!

  • Trent Naylor 4 weeks ago Link

    50 Shades

    All you need todo is just keep tapping the black square, just don't hesitate.

  • Gravitapp 1 day ago Link

    Check out the GravityLine. Simple rules, one HEB, two buttons, hard as hell :)