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How to manually replace the non-removable Nexus 5 battery

Kris Carlon

We recently showed you the great Limefuel extended battery case for the Nexus 5, which will more than double the runtime of your Google phone. But perhaps your internal battery is simply kaput and a battery case isn't going to fix the problem. If you don't want to send your Nexus 5 in for a slow repair job or you've voided your warranty already and don't want to pay someone to do it, or you simply like tinkering around in the belly of the beast, you can easily switch out the Nexus 5 battery yourself, even if it is technically non-removable.

If your Nexus 5 battery has given up the ghost, you can replace it yourself pretty easily. / © AndroidPIT

All you need is a replacement battery for the Nexus 5 and a little tool to help you pry open the rear battery cover. You can buy a Nexus 5 battery replacement kit from plenty of online sources, but I've used one from NewPower99.com because they had a great video that shows just how easy the process actually is.

Note: I'm sure I don't need to remind you that replacing a non-removable battery yourself is not recommended unless you're ok with the possible consequences if it doesn't work. I'm pleading innocence, so don't try blaimng me if you botch it up and proceed with caution.

1. First, you need to use the plastic tool to wedge between the rear cover and the edges of your Nexus 5. Make sure your phone is off first of course. Once you've levered the rear cover away the whole way around you can pop it off.

Nexus5 internal battery
Once you remove the rear cover you need to unscrew the black plastic plate as well. / © NewLife2OldStuff

2. Next, just remove the six tiny screws around the top part of the internal black plastic cover you find underneath. Make sure you don't lose them.

3. Remove the black plastic cover and you'll see the following:

Nexus5 internal battery1
Underneath the plastic plate. Step 4 is to gently lever up the two attachments shown. / © NewLife2OldStuff

4. All you need to do now is gently lever up the two little attachments highlighted above from the existing battery to the component board underneath. Be careful and they will both gently pop off.

5. Now, using the same plastic tool, work your way around the edges of your battery to detach it from the inside of the chassis. Take your time and don't be too forceful. Eventually the bond will weaken enough and the battery will just pop out.

Nexus5 internal battery3
Gently pop off the two attachments and put them back once your new battery is in place. / © NewLife2OldStuff

6. Now, place your replacement Nexus 5 battery in the chassis and gently reconnect the two ribbons to the motherboard. Replace the little black plastic cover and reinsert the six screws. Pop the rear cover back on and start up. That's it, 2,300 mAh of fresh out of the box Nexus 5 battery action!

NewPower99.com has the Nexus 5 replacement battery for 49.95 USD.

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How's the battery on your Nexus 5? Have you ever had to replace a non-removable battery before?