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More Galaxy S3 features and tricks

Sterling Keys

There’s nothing like owning a device for a while to make you realize you really haven’t scratched the surface in terms of its features. Every once and awhile, I start playing with the settings of my device or just come across a random tip online and all of a sudden, it’s like opening Pandora’s box (but in a good way) for your phone. Everything old is new again!

galaxy s3 muelleimer
Don't throw out that S3 quite yet! Check out this features to keep your device nice and fresh. / © AndroidPIT

Here are some more interesting tips and features of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Monitor your Data Consumption

Not everyone has an unlimited data plan. In fact, most companies in North America don’t even offer these type of plans anymore. One of the main concerns I have from month to month is having to worry about jumping over my limit and then having to fork over more money unknowingly.

Thankfully, you can take advantage of the Galaxy S3 and its ability to set data limits. If you head over to Settings > Data Usage and tick the “Set Mobile Data Limit” box, you can enable this setting. Once done, you can set a warning level by dragging the orange line and also a hard-limit (that your device won’t surpass) by dragging the red line. You can also check back here later on to see how much data you have used and also which apps are using this data. Super helpful!

Hey! Don’t lock the screen! I was looking at that!

Ever be reading an article or an e-mail on your device and then have the screen lock itself because of inactivity or because you’re started day dreaming? Well, another feature that the S3 has is Smart Stay, which allows the device to “check” whether you are watching the screen before it times out.

To enable this, head over the Settings > Display and tick off the box that says “Smart Stay”. You can also set how long it takes before you device timeouts and locks the screen when there is no activity.

Use your voice

If you’re a fan of a more “hands-off” approach when it comes to controlling your device, make sure the check out S-Voice on the Galaxy S3. This feature is particularly handy if you’re in a situation where you can’t exactly pay attention to your devices screen, but want to issue a quick command.

By double tapping the Home button, the S3 will bring up S-Voice. If you ask it “What can I say” it’ll actually pull up an entire list of commands that are compatible with S-Voice. Some examples include checking the weather, dictating text messages, starting or stopping music, and more.  There is alo a “Wake Up” command that can be enabled that will activate S-Voice by just speaking (not needing the double tap on the Home button) but this drains the battery noticeably.

Stop those pesky late night notifications

Have you ever been lying in bed just about to drop into the comfort of sleep only to be jolted back awake by the notification sound on your phone? The S3 has a Blocking Mode that allows you disable certain notifications, calls, and alerts.

Head over to Settings > Blocking Mode and make sure it’s checked off. Once this is done, you’ll be able to disable calls, notifications, alarms and timers, and also the LED indicator. Furthermore, you can specify times for your phone to do this and also have a list of people who are exempt from these limits. Y’know, in case you’re waiting for that one special call, regardless of time.

Take control of your battery

One of the main reasons I love Android and the S3 is how they both allow you to customize almost everything. I’m often out and about, away from plug-ins or places where I can sit down and charge my device. More often than not, I’ll find that I’m halfway through the day and already I’ve used almost all my battery.

If you head over to Settings > Power Saving, you can control your CPU performance, reduce the frame rate on your device, change the brightness, among a ton of other power saving options.

In short, you can choose whether your phone is a battery draining powerhouse or an efficient minimalistic machine. Play around with the options and come up with whatever combination that fits your needs.

These are just a few of the many features that the S3 has. Do you have any others that you love and would like to share? Let us and other users know!

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  • Tamara Schultz Jun 30, 2013 Link

    I have the S3, but there is no Blocking Mode in Settings. To bad, would have been useful

  • iMaC74 Jun 30, 2013 Link

    I have an S3 and there IS a Blocking Mode in my Settings, nice review but I know all this already thought there was going to be something new or something I've missed ;-)

  • User picture
    Loie Favre Jul 1, 2013 Link

    Thanks Sterling for some nice tips!

  • Sterling Keys Jul 2, 2013 Link

    Hey Tamara! What country are you in and what version of Android are you running?