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Nexus 5 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update: so where is it?

Kris Carlon

If you'd been following our Android 5.0 Lollipop update coverage, you'd know that there were some significant delays in the rollout of the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the Nexus 5. This is now all a thing of the past, as the Nexus 5 has now received the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update, and you can find out what it's all about below. Update: Even though the Nexus 7 (2013) and Nexus 10 got the Android 5.0.2 update last week, there's still no sign of it for the Nexus 5. So what gives?

Nexus5 Android50 front
The Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update has now arrived on the Nexus 5. © Google

Update: With the original Nexus 7 (2012), the Wi-Fi version of the Nexus 7 (2013) and the Nexus 10 all having made the jump to Android 5.0.2, it seems obvious at this point that the 5.0.1 update was a tablet-oriented patch - after all, the three tablets all had the same build number of LRX22G.

The Nexus 5, Nexus 4, and Nexus 6 are all still on the waiting list, giving us reason to consider the upcoming Android 5.0.3 update might be the next major Nexus-wide update and the Android 5.0.2 update is not destined to arrive on any Nexus smartphone.

Having said this, there are still rumors of some bugs being ironed out and that the Android 5.0.2 update is still on the cards for the Nexus 6, Nexus 5 and Nexus 4, but with the tablet-based problems ironed out already, it is certainly possible that Google has decided to shut the gate on leave 5.0.2 and focus instead on the next incremental update for all devices.

AndroidPIT Crap Update Teaser
Some updates are worth missing. © AndroidPIT

If you haven't yet made the jump to Android 5.0.1, check Settings > About Phone > Software Update to see if your device is ready for the update. If it's not, there's nothing stopping you from installing the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop factory image yourself. Skip the wait and go to the Google Developers factory image page right now and get flashing. 

Root the Nexus 5 on Android Lollipop

If you've got the update but want some additional freedom to shift things around and customize as you see fit, then the next step you need is to root the Nexus 5 on Android Lollipop. There's a couple of methods available already.

Android 5.0 Lollipop problems

If you've made the plunge and found yourself having a few issues, then don't despair: you're not alone and we've got your back. In this article we run through the major Android 5.0 Lollipop problems and their solutions. This will be updated as more bugs come to light, so stay tuned for more solutions to Android Lollipop problems.

android bugdroids angry teaser
Who would have guessed that a new firmware update brought some bugs with it? © ANDROIDPIT

How to downgrade a Nexus

The Android 5.0 or Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update is not for everyone. A few people have already asked me how to downgrade their Nexus 5 back to an older version of Android like Android 4.4.4. So I put together a quick tutorial to walk you through how to downgrade a Nexus.

Is Lollipop all that? The biggest Lollipop fails

Not everyone is sold on the Lollipop update. In these two articles, we discuss the biggest Lollipop fails in the latest update and ask the question of our readers: is Lollipop really all that? If you're running the latest version of Android on your device, let us know what you think the biggest issues are and where you think Google made some bad decisions. While we love all things Android, it's always fun to poke Google with a stick!

The recent history of the Nexus 5 Android update...

android lollipop bugdroid teaser
Take a seat kids, as we walk you through the recent history of the Nexus 5 Android 5.0 update. © ANDROIDPIT

While both the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 come out of the box running Android 5.0, the rest of the Nexus range had to wait a little bit longer. The Nexus 9 got the final build version of Android 5.0 just before it hit the Play Store: what Google called the ''retail version'' of the new Android firmware. And earlier in that same week, as various Nexus devices saw the Android 5.0 source code uploaded to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), we all got tittery with excitement and awaited imminent OTA rollouts or factory image deployment. But nothing happened. So what went wrong?

nexus 5 fastboot
I've got my Nexus 5 ready to take all that Lollipop goodness the second its ready. © ANDROIDPIT

It seems that the Nexus 5 Android 5.0 Lollipop update was suspended thanks to a catastrophic battery drain problem caused by the upgraded firmware. Nexus 5 owners using the Android L preview build reported the problem on Google's issue tracker service, where a Google employee promptly responded stating that the issue was being worked on. The complication was reportedly provoked by a Wi-Fi bug which would continue to wake the device without cause. Since then the issue has been fixed, but we still didn't see the Nexus 5 Lollipop update arrive until November 12th, as with the rest of the Nexus range.

qcaemra daemon screenshot
Why does Google keep baking Nexus 5-specific bugs into stock Android updates? © AndroidPIT

Traditionally, the more significant Android updates have had a two-week window or so in between the AOSP code being uploaded and the factory images appearing. Smaller updates tend to see the AOSP code and images go live around the same time. The over the air updates, however, may start before the factory images appear, but because they take weeks to complete, the factory images usually appear before everyone has the OTA anyway. The same was true of the Android 5.0 update for the Nexus range (although both the Moto X (2014) and Moto G (2014) as well as LG G3 variants got Android 5.0 before the Nexus factory images were available).

AndroidPIT Nexus5 factory image
This is a screen you'll be seeing more of in weeks to come: the factory image page. © ANDROIDPIT

The two update methods deliver the same result, although the OTA won't wipe your device clean like flashing the binaries will. The OTA will simply appear for you one day (or you can feverishly go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates > Check Now like a madman). The second method simply requires you to download and flash the factory image from the Google Developer's site.

What date are you expecting Android 5.0 for the Nexus 5? Will Motorola beat Nexus this time?

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  • Stevan 2 months ago Link

    Come to Austriaaaaaa updaaate ! :)

  • Lawrence Victor 2 months ago Link

    I want to know entry level android Lollipop mobile phone! Please advice me which mobile suits my choice!

    • Kris Carlon
      • Staff
      2 months ago Link

      If you live somewhere that the Android One devices are available that's your best bet, or you can go for a Moto G (the new or the old one) as they will all be getting Android 5.0 very soon.

  • Helbert Pina 2 months ago Link

    I'm running the second developer preview. I wonder if the OTA is coming for me or if I'm gonna have to flash the final build manually...

  • Lalit
    • Mod
    2 months ago Link

    Now that's what I call getting trolled :D I have seen people talking all the day that yes we are going to get Lollipop at any time now and now ... hee heee... I really feel like laughing my heads of so sorry Nexus5 users.

    • Bryan vella 2 months ago Link

      Im dying here waiting for my update on my Nexus 5 lol

  • arpan shahi 2 months ago Link

    I am sure about that this time also Motorola beats nexus :) just waiting for android L 5.0 update on moto x

  • Marcis 2 months ago Link

    What about Huawei - do they have plans regarding 5.0?
    More specifically - Ascend P7?

  • Varun Agarwal 2 months ago Link

    Guys will I receive the OTA update
    I am running Lollipop developer preview 2 Lpx13d
    nexus 7 2013

    • Youssef Niaz 2 months ago Link

      no you have to be running an official rom to receive the update

  • Varun Agarwal 2 months ago Link

    ain't there a way to just flash the image without losing data????

  • Atik Sayeed 2 months ago Link

    Having No network issue with nexus5. tried in both manual and automatic search, but not working, when i put the same SIM in other device its perfectly working? please help me, just brought the beautiful set few months ago.

  • parthi ban 2 months ago Link

    Will micromax android one device get update of android l

  • aeondae 2 months ago Link

    i think there will be no image before the 19th. 18th nexus 6 will be shipped...

  • Joel Merza 2 months ago Link

    Its offical google has posted the 5.0 images on there website I can hardly wait now

  • Anup Prusty 2 months ago Link

    When do i get lollipop for my nexus 5 here in india ?

    • Bryan vella 2 months ago Link

      Still waiting here too :/ im in malta tho..

    • Vineet Bhatt 2 months ago Link

      I have received ota for nexus 5 in India. But how can I install? Will it lose any my data?

  • Anup Prusty 2 months ago Link

    where is malta

  • Anup Prusty 2 months ago Link

    cant wait more to lay hands on the desert...

  • Jalal Myslym 2 months ago Link

    Still waiting... I am in Azerbaijan

  • Antonio Andrade 2 months ago Link

    I only would like understand why Google gave to LG G3 and other brands the upgrade when was supposed Google Nexus be the first ones receiving the upgrade...Still wainting...

    • Bryan vella 2 months ago Link

      Yeah right..its annoying...still waiting too mg

  • Gamal Faris 2 months ago Link

    Still waiting, I am in kuwait

  • PaRam MeHra 2 months ago Link

    can i update my LAVA iris 406Q 4.4 kitkat to 5.0 lolipop??? :)

  • Vadim Hristov 2 months ago Link

    We landed on a comet. No lollipop to be found there either :-)

  • Sridhar Doijode 2 months ago Link

    Got the OTA last night Location Bangalore

  • Tod McNamara 2 months ago Link

    Call Detector doesn't work with this version.
    A very useful app.

  • a create 2 months ago Link

    im using nexus 5 , but still not updated.
    what should i do.

  • Steven van Honschooten 2 months ago Link

    Still no update. I'm getting annoyed. Why does it have to take so long. Android 4.4.4 was there in a whimp... So, no update yet in Holland.

  • sinkster
    • Admin
    2 months ago Link

    To be honest you're better off waiting. At the moment we're on 5.0 release6, with various fixes to resolve the Nexus 5 battery drain issue. The developer preview was fine yet there seem to be a few issues with the release version. Plus there are still quite a few apps that haven't been updated to work with lollipop.

  • Ashfaq Bhojani 2 months ago Link

    I m on kit mat 4.4.4 as of now. I use a nexus 5 that is a very recent purchase. Over the last few days there have been numerous updates to the apps on the device particularly Google Apps ( Google +, Maps, etc etc ) I am finding a considerable drain the battery then before these updates. I am assuming that this has to do with the apps that are updated. Particularly after the battery reaches the low battery levels... 14% and lower! it drains out within a few minutes. Let's hope Lollipop fixes this issue.

  • Dawson Snache 2 months ago Link

    Still waiting for the Ota to arrive

    Hope That there aren't any major wifi issues like ive been hearing about

  • Eli Morais 2 months ago Link

    Just received my via ota. Battery low, can't wait to get in home to install.

  • JasonMastrandrea 2 months ago Link

    Still No OTA Lollipop Update - Toronto Canada

  • sampath 2 months ago Link

    if I install factory images (lollipop 5.0) on my nexus 5 will I get future OTA lollipop 5.1 ...?

  • Adié Doshi 2 months ago Link

    did the way as you mentioned...but cannot get through the installation. it asks for boot , recovery and system file. during the installation in command prompt and thereafter it fails. please help. :/

  • parth 2 months ago Link

    its seems like in several days this lolipop goes in quantum physics
    in wich we can only talk abt it bt cant feel it😭😭😭😭😭

  • Oussama A. 2 months ago Link

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Android 4.4.2). Can anybody please tell me when am I going to receive Andoird Lollipop update ?? thanks.. :-)

  • parth 2 months ago Link

    mid 2015
    before dat dis is nt possible i think

  • Srinu Vasu 2 months ago Link

    Hiii recently upgraded my nexus4 to lollipop after installation my gallery from home screen has gone please help in fixing the problem

    • Bryan vella 2 months ago Link

      Yeah same on my Nexus 5...i think its replaced by Photos...not entirely sure.

  • Ali Gee Jay 2 months ago Link

    Seriously regretted upgrading my N5 to Lollipop. I don't mind change, but not change for change's sake. The biggest issue I have is with the already widely commented upon Silent mode being moved and the Power Button menu being deleted.

    I want to be able to put my phone onto silent mode as and when I want to, not to have to set up different profiles for when I am at work, when I am on holiday or asleep. I also want to be able to put it into pure silent mode but still have the alarm option turned on.

    They have made this far to complex so I have decided to revert back to KitKat until Google put this one tiny option back.

  • Melanie 2 months ago Link

    Just did my update on to my Nexus 5 and now most of my aps are not working! This really sucks!

  • Sheck Welle 2 months ago Link

    Man, when I am going to get that on my Nexus 5!

  • Thảo 2 months ago Link

    i am using 4.3. how can i get it

  • Kanmani Ravi 2 months ago Link

    There is also an issue with the phone lock and unlock. Once the unlock is done, it automatically goes to the call log and not home screen. This is really irritating. Also having issues with WiFi, battery, silent mode

    • Sorina Mar 2 months ago Link

      Having the same problem with unlock and call log. Also, battery issue is really annoying.. Hope for an update really soon to solve these issues.

  • CoasterMatt 2 months ago Link

    I got the OTA update on T-Mobile the other day, and ended up having to get a replacement phone. Wifi would not work, phone kept restarting randomly, and SMS messages stopped working. Got my new Nexus 5, but not gonna let the system update just yet.

  • Luckygirl 2 months ago Link

    When are we, nexus 5 users getting the Lollipop update? This is disappointing!

  • Sandy 2 months ago Link

    Nexus 5, India... Still no update! Impatient and disappointed 😭

  • Vatsal Gandhi 2 months ago Link

    i didnt get android update L for my nexus 5 in india

  • Girisha 2 months ago Link

    Can not download the Android 5.0
    I got my update notifications early in the morning but it has been 6 hours and it's not downloading. it is almost 70% done but from last 6 hours nothing is happening.

  • Vatsal Gandhi 2 months ago Link

    Guys can anybody tell why I haven't got my nexus 5 update , i stay in india

  • Abigail Tritt 2 months ago Link

    I am also very displeased with the new update. What would possess an intelligent company to eliminate a very small, yet highly important feature such as the silent mode through volume control?? You took something easy and efficient and then overcomplicated it. In my opinion, that was one of my most used and important features on my phone. This change is unbelievable and ridiculous to say the least.

  • Aditya 2 months ago Link

    Today got an update of lollipop
    Not sure whether to update my device or not
    Because of d problems such as not connecting to WiFi etc
    Hmm totally confused

    • Bryan vella 2 months ago Link

      I sideloaded it....have no wifi problems...the only oroblem im experiencing is the excessive battery drain....but its until it gets optimized.

  • steve starek 2 months ago Link

    My Nexus 7 1st is useless after update to lollipop, non responsive, shutting down without cause, can not be used any more, what can I do?

  • Amol Kadam 2 months ago Link

    Nexus 5:
    In the 'time' settings, I have set 2 alarms. Both alarms have a 'drop-down' arrow on the right corner.
    The bottom of the screen has a reddish 'Add' button and besides it, on the right, there are 3 dots which indicate 'settings and help'
    Now, in the 2nd alarm, when I use the 'drop-down arrow' for more settings, it expands and the 'drop-down arrow' sits on top of the 3 dots (indicating settings & help).
    When i have to minimize the tab, I click on it, but it opens the 'setting & help' pop-up.
    You have to slide it up and then click the arrow to minimize it.
    It gets even confusing when you have 2 or more alarms set
    The alarm 'on-off' button is on the right side. So all the more confusion.
    -Also, the 'switch' turns Red when the alarm is turned on. Usually its green. And if not green the any other color but Red. Because Red indicates 'off' or 'close'


  • Gaurav Aggarwal 2 months ago Link

    Got the OTA. I am in Bangalore, India. Got it installed within 30 minutes and it works just fine. Liking it so far

  • sue blessett 2 months ago Link

    Not liking the up date at all and can't recommend it. Why change the calendar it was functioning perfectly before. Can anyone find the month view with appointments shown? And why add a seemingly useless front screen?

  • SaurabhChaudhary 2 months ago Link

    updated yesterday...
    was slow a bit but running very smooth after doing factory reset...

    • Tushar Bhagwat 1 month ago Link

      hey. I have some confusion related to lollipop update. It would be nice if you could help me in this issue.
      After installing lollipop on my nexus 5, how can I do factory reset my phone to have better performance on lollipop. You have already done this I think so. and how your device is working now?Your comment

  • Hydromis Chrysogaster 2 months ago Link

    Downloaded update on Friday to a Nexus 5 - Battery life sucks - half a day and it's virtually drained memory usage is nearly double. On the plus side I like the new features but battery drain and it is the Andriod OS needs fixing.

  • CJ Brown 2 months ago Link

    All I can say is, whomever predicted that Android OS 5.0 would be available for 1st generation Motorola Moto X before any Nexus Device? Epic fail!

    I'm still waiting with my Moto X (2013) , but I am patient - why? I keep reading about various problems with Lollipop (android pit has published enough articles about a variety of OS problems). I want a problem free OS 5.0 and not lose Moto X's awesome feature (voice activation).

  • CJ Brown 2 months ago Link

    Having typed all that?

    Dear Google - please don't mess this up , same message to all of the smart phone manufacturers, and the cellular service providers (please don't mess up, or your customer service reps will be up shat creek).

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all (to those outside the USA? Please accept thanks and may peace be with you always)

  • Yogesh Pardeshi 2 months ago Link

    Hie I have upgraded my pH to android 5.0 and am very unhappy . First of all I can't view all my pics which I had clicked from my device they have given an app called photos instead of gallery which doesn't open many of my pics, the interface was much better in 4.4 nw they have given white background once u click on ur menu which is very sad it kills the look of the pH the only thing I liked is battery saving option and flash light too sad google..

  • Dianne Purccecll 2 months ago Link

    The white layer behind many features. Too bright and bad for my eyes - may have to add a filter app to be able to use the phone. Do not want to change brightness settings as have these set to automatic. Maybe there is a way to customise the colour of the layer but I haven't found it yet...
    And there seem to be more clicks to do simple tasks like answer an SMS now...
    I am sure there are many new features that are great but to me the visual interface is very important especially for old tired eyes.

  • Desperate person 2 months ago Link

    I still haven't received android l on my nexus 5 yet, will it come for my phone because everyone else I know who owns a nexus 5 have got the ota update but it hasn't come out for me yet. I am really desperate for android l on my nexus xd

  • Hugh Weller-Lewis 2 months ago Link

    "lolipop" totally sux on Nexus7 2012. Mine has been rubbish ever since the so-called upgrade - battery life also seriously compromised. Needs serious work. I wish I hadn't downloaded. Hate the look of it too.

  • Hung 1 month ago Link

    my nexus 5 did up to L, but I wish some function or google app actived as last version, like as:
    - keep power button, showed power off / ring - silent / airplanemode...
    - chrome app, showed evry tab and easy selected any tab...

    • Bryan vella 1 month ago Link

      You can still do the tab thingy by going on settings in chrome and go to 'Merge Tabs and Apps' . just turn it off

  • John Underwood 1 month ago Link

    I truly dislike Lollipop, my nexus 5 cannot connect to data (yes safe mode fixes it for 5 minutes). So I use it here on my nexus 4 cannot get rid of the screen lock, hate that I must swipe up, hate the look, hate the white background, hate the colours. A truly ugly experience from beginning to end.

  • mobile pundits 1 month ago Link

    Nexus 5. Made for what matters. ... Nexus devices get the latest Android OS updates first, so you have a superior ... Keep sharing your excellent work.

  • David Lincoln 1 month ago Link

    I hope you can help with these possible bugs in Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
    My nexus 5 is connected to my pc(win 7 ...64bit), via a charging/desktop dock(My Mobile MKS - UC Nexus 5).
    This will charge the phone overnight or whenever plugged in. When on the phone is recognised as a hard-drive and can be accessed as such.
    This morning, as usual, switched on pc, loaded normally except for one error message 'MTP USB device failed to load device drivers contact your device's manufacturer'(phone is off).
    Tried the same with phone connected via lead as supplied with phone...same error message.
    Reset pc and tried again with phone on….no problems whether in dock or not!
    This may suggest a bug in Android 5.0 or a compatibility issue with Win 7.
    Any help appreciated.

    Today Friday have reset phone, still has the same problem!

    I now have additional information relating to these problems.
    To make sure it wasn’t the phone that was faulty or a bugged OTA to Android 5.0, I did both hard and soft resets and cleared all the data of the phone to no avail. Yesterday I received a new Nexus 5 and completed the OTA to Android 5.0.

    This Phone also suffers from the same problems suggesting to me that it is either and Android or MS driver problem. I called Google Play support this morning and they confirmed they knew about this problem and that it was a MS compatibility issue.
    I called MS for tech support to be told that they could only offer support if I paid for it! I asked the lady if I could pass on what I thought was a glitch between Android 5.0 and Windows 7, She told me that they knew all about it! Even though I had not said what it was.
    The lady was not interested at all in this issue and made it quite clear that there would be no updates for windows 7 users( I did point out that it involved the MTA USB driver).

    She also said that there would be an update in the future BUT only for windows 8.1 and above. I said but what about Windows 7 and below users. She responded that they would not be getting any updates.

    I find this most extraordinary as MS would be alienating thousands of Windows users. I have re-contacted Google who were very interested in this development and will be escalating this issue further.

    I think this needs looking into both from Google’s side and MS’s.

    Further ‘Bugs’ Have also appeared since the update – these are random.

    On some occasions after you have pressed the power button to go to the lock screen, the phone takes you straight to the ‘received calls’ screen.
    All you can see is the back ground colours!
    This usually happens sometime after you have received and cleared an incoming call. You then press the power button again to take you off this screen.
    Again you press the power button and this takes you correctly to the lock screen. After swiping upwards you are then taken to the received calls screen with all the information on it as there should be, although you have not deliberately tried to access this screen.

    The other ‘bug’ the phone has suffered from is when returning back to the home screen the phone randomly shows flashing outlines of various screens(no idea which!).
    Pressing the power button stops this and all returns to normal.

    I do not know if these are true bugs but the phone suffered none of these problems when running Android 4.4.4 KitKat.

    I hope someone can resolve these issues along with the others reported by nexus 5 users.]

    The phone was last week returned to LG's warranty service company and has been returned with the problems resolved and the phone flashed back to Android 4.4.2. I have now updated it to Android 4.4.4 with NO problems(as it was before OTA to Android 5.0). I will not updated again to Android 5.0 until I can feel assured that there should not be any problems of this type. I do feel Google could have been more forth coming relating to these bugs.

  • Prabha Karan 1 month ago Link


    • Prabha Karan 1 month ago Link

      After updating my nexus 4 to lollipop ,my home launcher is not even changed ,plz say some suggestions .......if you know ......

  • Prabha Karan 1 month ago Link

    After updating my nexus 4 to lollipop ,my home launcher is not changed ,any one know about this bug .plz give suggestions..

  • John Danhour 1 month ago Link

    I have the nexus 7 (2012) and received noticed that android 5.0 was available so I went to the Nexus Updater and it downloaded the file but when I went to install the updatate it wouldn't let me indicating I needed to root my tablet. Is the only way I can get the update is to root my tablet or will they be sending it out as a normal update?

  • tarunreddy 1 month ago Link

    I'm using motog first generation but 5.0 lollipop has not been updated plz check out

  • Sreejesh Sasi 1 month ago Link

    Well lost of apps crash while using it. Example face book crashes while scrolling down 2 -3 pages.

    Another one noticeable is , there is no gallery available. the previous version's gallery app disappeared after the update. I downloaded a KK gallery for the time being.

  • Prateek Singh 1 month ago Link

    Does nexus5 will be able to receive updates from Google or not????

  • Suhas 1 month ago Link

    Here is my list of annoying bugs of nexus 5 android L update
    1) My lock screen shortcut camera icon crashes when opened every single time.It fickles hangs
    and camera
    doesn't work through the lock screen icon (Works well on the normal camera icon when unlocked)
    2) The same fickling happens when the alarm is ringing. Have to really work your ass off to switch off the alarm then
    3)Apps crash.. Very frequently..FB in particular
    4) Never before my phone used 1.6gb of Ram.. Android L is literally draining my battery and memory
    5) How can anyone forget the Gallery app.. It's a marathon to find your old photos and files on android L..
    We hope these bugs are corrected asap before everyone start downgrading their nexus 5

  • Y Min 1 month ago Link

    I have stock, unrooted Nexus 4. I received pop up notification a couple weeks ago to install OTA 5.0 lollipop update but never did. Now, the pop up notification is gone. How can I get OTA 5.0 lollipop update and installed?

  • Pedro Almeida 1 month ago Link

    I would like to know if with this uptade (5.0.1) those problems were fixed...

  • Pallav Rajoria 1 month ago Link

    After this lollipop update,my phone responds like my old xperia neo + no gallery + phone crashes more often + poor camera + battery life reduced + while typing this my keypad disappeared several times + I'm typing all this second time because phone f****** crashed(gosh I really hate this update) + my phone is Google's flagship,Nexus 5. Now I understand why the CEO of google uses a Blackberry. Really? Good update? Google can do worse,I bet.

  • Paul Warner 1 month ago Link

    Just got my update to 5.0.1 from 5.0 on my Nexus 4 . Still got that crappy Bluetooth icon, No group contacts and the clear screen icon is still at the bottom of the screen rather than the top of ICS.

  • Moisés Nannin Pereira 1 month ago Link


  • Joe Jawhara 1 month ago Link

    I have Rooted Nexus 4 and i received android 5.0.1 update , but every time trying to install it stops and Error appears on my screen.. please help

    • Lalit
      • Mod
      1 month ago Link

      Hey Joe, in order to push the update you need to unroot your device first ! :)

  • Sushmita Ravi 1 month ago Link

    Heyy I bought a new nexus 5 this month and its still not updated to 5.0 ... Loliipop .. When will I get it ..
    Its been quite some time

    • Steven van Honschooten 1 month ago Link

      Same here. I send my phone tot google for a repair and recieved a new one as standard procedure. But I'm still (!) waiting for the update. It's starting to be annoying. All my friends have the update and I'm still on 4.4.4

    • Ojas Kolte 1 month ago Link

      Hey I bought a new Nexus 5 D820 from USA , and still it is on android 4.4.4 , I want to know why it is not being updating to android 5.0 ? Phone was purchased somewhere in Q4 of 2014. Please do reply.

  • Tushar Vyas 3 weeks ago Link

    I had been using nexus 5 and also got android 5.0.1. Had to get the motherboard replaced from lg service center due to some technical issue, which came factory installed with android 4.4.4. Now I am unable to update again to lollipop. Kindly suggest and help.

    • Bryan vella 3 weeks ago Link

      Either wait for it....or flash it. Did that with 5.0

      • Nayan Raj 1 week ago Link

        Can we know how long we have to wait for lollipop OTA BECAUSE I don't want to root my phone.

    • Nayan Raj 1 week ago Link

      Same with me dude.. Waiting egarly for the update. Do reply if u get any solution or update.

  • rbjork 2 weeks ago Link

    I Still haven't received "over-the-air (OTA) update" for Android 5. I'm still at 4.4.4 (updated last month - Dec). Am I just unlucky and missed it all-together? Or maybe I need to be patient and wait maybe a couple more weeks?

  • Sheena Lima 1 week ago Link

    Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 is now on sale

  • karan kampani 1 week ago Link

    when will the lollipop version for galaxy note 4 update enter Dubai. this is taking too long.

  • Mārcis 1 week ago Link

    Hey, watsup, my new Nexus 5 built nr. KTU84P doesn`t receive Lolipop update from 4.4.4 Kitkat. How can it be possible? Have they forgot Baltic states?

  • francis 5 days ago Link

    Hi,have received notification re upgrade to 5.01. should I wait till 5.02 comes to settle battery drain,camera issues
    do I need to save contacts ,gallery,etc. etc or does it bring them across after factory download. will all my emails be saved.
    forgive if this has been covered by others