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The Slimmest, Sleekest, Sexiest Android Smartphones Around

Steven Blum

A combination of beauty and brains is a rarity among people, and even more so among smartphones. While the Samsung Galaxy S2 continues to break worldwide sales records, few would argue that its design is a head turner. Other phones, like the LG Prada, are much more sexy. Who cares if it runs outdated software?! Here's what we consider to be the sexiest Androids around...

Sony Xperia U

So far, I've only seen pictures of the Xperia U but I certainly like what I see. This phone has a brilliant  white notification bar and a smaller screen at 3.5". For me, the small size is part of the appeal of the device; I like a phone I can easily slip into my pocket and use discreetly, rather than whipping out a massive Galaxy Note, however well it may function. The Xperia U is just damn sexy!

LG Prada 3.0

LG's Prada 3.0 is not such a interesting phone, specs-wise, but its design is quite arresting – and I'm not just talking about the square hardware. The software manages to make Android apps look, well, stylish, in a monochrome theme that is restrained and simple. "Every single Android phone should have this much thought put into the way its software looks," writes Gizmodo, and we couldn't agree more.

Galaxy Nexus

It's become passe, but the Galaxy Nexus is still one sexy beast. I'm a sucker for curvacious designs and even with the extra LTE hump, this phone is still sleek as a luxury car. Sure we could do without the plastic backing but the design is still lightweight and beautiful.

Sony Xperia Ion

You've gotta hand it to the designers at Sony; they sure know how to craft beautiful phones. The ion's got a similarly beautiful candybar design with slight curves at the edges and four capacitive buttons at the bottom of the front. Its back is made of aluminum, giving it a sturdy feel. I like that this phone looks and feels so much tougher than all the plastick-y Samsung smartphones out there.

Nokia N9 (Sorry, Android)

I hate to say it, but Nokia's N9 Windows phone is quite possibly the best-feeling smartphone I've ever come across. It may not run Android, but it feels amazing in the hands, like a sporty friend you want to have with you all day long. I think it's because of the polycarbonate material which encompasses the entire device. The front is covered in glass from head to toe and the construction and build-quality is outstanding. There is virtually no gap where glass and polycarbonate material meet.  I really wish more Android phones were this colorful, sturdy and sleek. 

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  • User picture
    Christopher Silva Feb 20, 2012 Link

    I also think the Sony and GNexus are better designed.

  • chinu Feb 20, 2012 Link

    whr is RAZR?

  • Ilgaz Feb 20, 2012 Link

    n9 runs full Linux, it is the n9 case minus front camera became windows phone freak device you like ;) 800 or something