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How to watch movies and TV shows for free on Android

Scott Adam Gordon

Have you ever wondered if it were possible for you to watch movies and TV shows without having to pay for Netflix or any other kind of streaming service? We have, and now we've found a way to do it too. Just sit tight and keep on reading, we'll show you some great apps for watching movies and shows for free on your phone.

serie tv
You can now watch your favorite TV shows and movies for free on your Android phone / © shutterstock

A note on Popcorn Time

You may have heard of Popcorn Time, a Netflix-like app with an even bigger selection of more current movies and TV show, but sadly we cannot sanction the use of this app. Popcorn Time is illegal folks: try out some of the other options below instead.  



It was only in recent months that Hulu brought its streaming service to Android, which lets users watch premium TV shows and movies on their smartphones or tablets without paying a subscription fee. Hulu comes packed with current and classic TV shows, Hulu originals, movies and plenty of Kids shows, making it a perfect family tablet companion. Of course, if you want full access to the Hulu library you will need to pay a 7.99 USD monthly fee, but there are plenty of gems to find in the free version too!

androidpit hulu tv app
Hulu offers a free and paid service for online video and movie streaming to Android users. / © Hulu

Canada / U.S.


Crackle is a hugely popular free app available in the US and Canada which is updated monthly with new TV shows and movies. Created by Grouper but later bought by Sony, the app features ads which run at regular intervals throughout the content, but as a compromise you get an excellent selection of media and an app which functions far better than some of the other TV service ports on the list. Watch Seinfeld or Talladega Nights again, for sure.

androidpit crackle app
Crackle offers Android users a bunch of modern and classic hollywood movies, for free! / © Crackle



This catch up service has been going strong for a number of years now and the slick Android app is a great way to watch TV series and movies. It doesn’t have a whole list of archived TV shows and series to sift through, but the catch up service has recently been extended to 30 days, meaning you have a month to catch up on almost anything recently played on any BBC channel. With some excellent programs like Sherlock and Call the Midwife, iPlayer is one of the best free TV services currently available on Android.

androidpit bbc iplayer
The BBC is home to many much-loved British shows like Dr Who and The Apprentice. / © BBC

ITV Player

The ITV Player app suffered a woefully bad introduction to the Play Store with it being essentially broken on many devices. It’s been turning a bit of a corner with recent updates, but it still has a long way to go. The ITV Player app let’s you stream ITV channels live to your device, as well as catch up on any shows you may have missed from the past week.

androidpit itv player
The ITV Player app has had its problems but seems to be improving with recent updates. / © ITV


Another app which has struggled with its launch is 4oD. While supplying a fantastic back catalogue of TV shows, and being a firm favorite among many Windows/Mac/console owners, the smartphone experience has been somewhat lacking. Hopefully this will only get better with future updates, as the amount and quality of full series they offer for free is fantastic. All you Peep Show fans owe it to yourself to install it.

androidpit 4od
The 4oD app includes TV shows from Channels such as E4, More4, and 4Music.  / © Channel 4

Demand 5

Don’t forget that Channel Five’s premier catch-up service Demand 5 is also now available on Android. The updates aren’t as regular as we would like, but nonetheless Demand 5 offers a wide selection of Channel 5 shows and archived programmes to re-watch on your Android smartphone or tablet. The programming quality is arguably lower than the standard offered by Channel 4 and the BBC, although it provides a viable free alternative.

androidpit demand five
Demand 5 features a number of archived series and current TV shows to browse. / © Channel Five



The Android SPB TV app is not necessarily region specific, offering content from around the world via a selection of weird and wonderful stations. It’s not the kind of app you will use to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster, and you won’t find NBC or Showtime on there, but if you want to take a chance on a wild card then this is it. Be warned, however, a few of the stations definitely appear to be of a more adult nature.

androidpit spb tv app
The SPB TV app features a number of international and independent TV stations. / © SPB TV AG


LiveNow!TV offers a broad range of channels from around the world to stream live, as well as a variety of classic/B movies. The movies available are mostly a mix of bizarre horror and Kung Fu movies; LiveNow!TV is a free service supported by ads and of course it doesn't have the same clout as something like Netflix or even Hulu. However, the streaming of live TV worked surprisingly well, and I don't exactly understand how something like this is available when the likes of Popcorn Time and Show Box are banned. Still, for now, it's a great option for streaming a number of well-known channels. 

androidpit livenow tv
For a free app, the number and quality of the live-streaming channels available in LiveNow!TV is impressive. / © Live Now!

Those are just a few suggestions for finding TV shows and movies on your smartphone. Do you know any others?

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  • Mayur H. 10 months ago Link

    the downloads are very slow, I have 5mbps wifi

  • Ron536 10 months ago Link

    Every time I try to watch a movie I downloaded from the site it shuts down

  • Mladen Vuckovic 10 months ago Link

    Thank you AndroidPIT for this info! It's an amazing can't believe it app!

  • neil rees 10 months ago Link

    Cannot get the app to download on galaxy tab 2.70 , why not!! Any ideas anyone.

  • Martin McGarrity 10 months ago Link

    This is probably the best app I have downloaded. Entertained me on the journey home from London to Glasgow. Highly recomend. Have installed it on my g-pad and my g2 and it works really well. Love it.

  • Anthony Muzonzini 10 months ago Link

    you're welcome

  • Anthony Muzonzini 10 months ago Link

    @ Neil not sure what's up. I tried it on my phone though. Have you tried downloading it on your phone?

  • jakir hossain 10 months ago Link

    Working fine. .💺📡

  • plck74 10 months ago Link

    but still using internet. 1 movie already whoops your 1g or below.

  • Sean Sheehan 10 months ago Link

    This app is awesome. I can download movies and shows to my tablet and then transfer them to a USB drive to play on my TV.

  • Ian Knowles 10 months ago Link

    Doesn't work on HTC one, message says sorry the video can't be played. Also if you download one it never goes past 0%.

  • iMaC74 10 months ago Link

    Those having issues with video can't be played try using MX Player it installed a codec and I've never had any issues.

  • Juan Serrano 10 months ago Link

    Awesome app, movies are crystal clear, audio is great. I downloaded 3 movies without any hiccups. Good looking out!!

  • Jeff Goldfinch 10 months ago Link

    awesome Thank you

  • Martin King 10 months ago Link

    A brilliant app. I've downloaded this app to my very old HTC Desire HD, my Xperia Z tablet and a Tesco's Hudl. The app works well on all three. Downloads appear to more responsive if the cache is kept cleared. This also applies when some movies say video is not yet available, when I've already downloaded it on another unit. Clearing the cache improved overall performance. Great app, well done.

  • Chad_Higgins 10 months ago Link

    Was working great. I thought I finally found a site for downloading movies.
    Now ShoeBox DOES NOT WORK.

  • Chad_Higgins 10 months ago Link


  • Carmel Cavanagh 10 months ago Link

    Re free movies &TVs shows. Can watch trailers no prob but when try 2 watch anything it says unable 2 play video. What am I doing wrong? Help!

  • Anthony Muzonzini 10 months ago Link

    Perhaps try to clear the cache or use a different player for the videos or even try using the showbox player

  • Ileea Ifill 10 months ago Link

    I downloaded this yesterday and it is fabulous!! I have a Galaxy Note 3 and the movies are clear and the download it fast! Thank You so much!

  • john dan 10 months ago Link

    hi watch show box great it was as good as you said it was but, i used my galaxy 2 tablet no problems thank you John dan

  • Ed E. 10 months ago Link

    Been using the app since reading this and love it.........transfer the movies to another folder and dont use the movie player in the app and works perfect.......Thanks

  • Tim Robinson 10 months ago Link

    I downloaded this app but it complains "Internet connection. Check your internet connection". I access the Internet using my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 through my home WIFI via Time Warner Cable. I only have one bar on my wireless. I'm guessing that the app is trying to use wireless even though WIFI is available. Any help?

    • chris sandlin 9 months ago Link

      I have the exact same problem with the same phone. Everyone else I know that has a different phone has no problem. I have xfinity Internet with 4 bars wifi. This sucks!

      • Kal Atwal 3 months ago Link

        How do you make the screen big on s4?

  • Michael Austin 10 months ago Link

    I have the app running on my Asus Transformer tablet and a Rikomagic Mini PC which plugs direct into the HDMI port of my TV. Brilliant app

    • John Canellas 6 months ago Link

      could you help I have a Asus TF101 cant seem to work it complaints about no internet connection, check your internet connection

  • zack mcqueen 10 months ago Link

    mint working pufect

  • Jcp 8 months ago Link

    I had the first HTC1 with this app on it and never had any problems. I just upgraded to the new HTC1 M8 and when I open the app it says "Connection error" "check your internet connection" I have full bars and 4g so I'm not sure what's going on. Please help, I really need to catch up on my shows!!

  • M james 6 months ago Link

    Works great with Google Chromecast.

  • Matthew Smith 6 months ago Link

    It will not let me download it how come ?

  • matt dan 6 months ago Link

    Hi, I would recommend an online movie and tv shows with Daily Update. No registrations, no sign-ups, no downloads, it support PS3, Ipad and Mobile devices.

    • RiRi Curry 5 months ago Link

      Got lots of porno pop ups and links...

  • Graham 5 months ago Link

    Can you cast the shows via chromecast from your smartphone to to Tv. if so how.

  • Boxxrboy 5 months ago Link

    Not sure about Chromecast but sure you can. I use allcast premium to stream to smart TV. As long as you have dlna device it works a treat.

  • Boxxrboy 5 months ago Link

    Dunno about Chromecast but sure it will. I use allcast premium and works great on dlna smart TV.

  • shaunam13 5 months ago Link

    already have it.its great

  • shaunam13 5 months ago Link is great too for watchinv movies and shows on.

  • John Martin 5 months ago Link

    I don't understand their business model, is this site legal guys?

  • martin barnes 5 months ago Link

    It's not letting me download or even watch any films on my galaxy note three any ideas

  • Rebecca DeLap 5 months ago Link

    Absolutely love this app!! I'd like to see a few more shows added but I'm certainly not complaining! The only other thing I wish were different is it holds tour place I'd you have to leave the screen. Kudos!!

  • Kristie Deaner 4 months ago Link

    I cannot see the developer's website. When I click on the link it says page not found. Help!

  • Zahid Khan 3 months ago Link

    Can't access to developers website so what can I do

  • Lee 3 months ago Link

    For Movies and TV Shows ShowBox 📺 👍😊

  • Angus P. 3 months ago Link

    i have one word for you all: PopcornTime..!

  • Adrián Jarquín 3 months ago Link

    I use Torrents via uTorrent! Or iTV for streaming, BTW iTV it is not available on Google Play anymore

  • Carl E. 3 months ago Link

    Showbox all the way............The .apk is now a bit harder to find. used to be an easy "G" search, but now you have to did just a bit to find the .apk file. When you first load/run it, it can/may take a few minutes to screen up as it's loading the database.

  • Nao Els 3 months ago Link

    every body you can watch noww all your favorite movies at thats free enjoy it 

  • Kevin Golightly 3 months ago Link

    Showbox is the best for movies + tv box sets - tvcatchup is OK for Live freeview tv, the catch-up tv apps are ok. I find pre downloading shows via wifi then they are available to watch anytime.

  • Dianne Cabellon 2 months ago Link

    Hello there! Anyone could help me where and how to download showbox downloader? I really want it badly..Thank you in advance! :)

    • rosemarie charalambous 2 months ago Link

      On an android o/s I. E smartphone /tablet first download mobogenie and once downloaded find the app "showbox" and start watching movi3s and TV shows

  • Mo Tube 2 months ago Link

    Hey, have you tried our app? We're up there with Crackle and Netflix. Search for "MoTube" in the Play store and you'll find us quickly. :)

  • Haytham Adel 1 month ago Link

    try this one TV Portal its bande from the play store but you can get it from there page on Facebook or G+ most of the movie and shows are updated and support chrome cast and its free no in app purchases how

  • Clade 1 month ago Link

    Why don't you add Yle Areena and Katsomo for Finnish users?
    Most of the ones above are US, UK & Canada exclusive.

  • Asad Ali 4 weeks ago Link

    TV Portal & Showbox are best.

  • casper johnston 4 weeks ago Link

    all these are crap none work properly in the uk and keep cutting off im in a very god area fpr wifi and 3/4g in uk these uk ones are awful and a waste of phone space use the showbox or tv portal or VideoMix apps theyre much better and work quicker