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Best Android lock screen apps: 10 that you have to check out

Robert Zak

The lock screen on your Android device is not only something that can look great and show off that high-res display on your phone, but it's also an important navigational screen, which lets you jump straight to the most important features on your phone. While the lock screens on most Android phones are functional enough, we have here a list of the best lock screen apps that will can make unlocking your phone a whole lot more fun and functional.

20141111 IMGL8966
It's a lock, on a screen. Lock screen, see? Here we list 10 of the best for you. / © ANDROIDPIT


Next Lock Screen

Microsoft's new philosophy of going cross-platform and cross-OS with its software has been paying dividends, and Next Lock Screen is another fine example of Microsoft's design acumen complementing the Android ecosystem.

Next Lock Screen looks elegant and simple, but beneath the surface it's cleverly calculating which apps you're most likely to use based on your location (home, work and so on), then presenting you with apps you use most often in these places. You don't need to use this feature of course, in which case Next is still worth using for its neat presentation of notifications, calendars and other key phone functions.

androidpit next lock screen
Next Lock Screen displays apps based on your location and usage habits. Clever stuff from Microsoft. / © ANDROIDPIT



Plenty of lock screen apps go for the simple minimal look, but none do it quite as well ad AcDisplay. Small icons appear for notifications, and you simply hold your finger on one of these icons to see the notification in more detail, after which you swipe down to dismiss it. AcDisplay even uses your device's sensors to detect when it's in your pocket or in use, so the screen switches on and off accordingly.

androidpit acdisplay
AcDisplay looks great, and uses your device accelerometer to detect when to switch the lock screen on and off. / © Artem Chepurnoy


C Locker Pro

C Locker Pro is a sizeable lock screen package that has a ton of features and shortcuts to refine your lock screen with. There are over 30 custom shortcuts you can create to make calls, access apps, or read notifications from your preferred social networks. One of our favourite options is being able to double- or triple-tap your screen to turn it off - a feature usually reserved for high-end phones.

androidpit c locker pro
C Locker Pro offers an array of themes, and it's regularly updated to incorporate new phone features like fingerprint scanners. / © ANDROIDPI


Joy Locker: Game theme

Joy Locker is one of the few lock screen apps where its name actually reflects its function. This app offers the usual array of themes, ranging from guns, to anime, to strange sci-fi scenes, but also lets you play a whole host of mini-games on the lock screen. Games include a fun little penalty-shootout, or the option to just run your finger along the water of a pond and admire the subsequent high-res ripples. It really is rather joyous.

androidpit joy locker
Kick balls, fire guns, and do a whole host of other interactive things with Joy Locker. / © ANDROIDPIT


Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo displays messages is a sleek, minimally-designed lock screen that gives you a fine level of control over what you see and have instant access to. As you can see in the picture, you can create notification categories, such as 'Work', 'Media' and 'Social', and choose which apps go in them. This means you have access to many more apps directly from the Echo lock screen than you would on a default Android one.

androidpit echo notifications lockscreen
Echo Notification Lockscreen provides you with messages and missed calls on your lock screen. © DoubleLabs



DynamicNotifications is a subtle lock screen app that's easy on the eyes as well as on your phone's battery. By default, it has a plain black background, and notifications only switch your screen on when it's not in your pocket, bag or face down. This app doesn't actually have to be used as a lock screen, but the option exists if you buy the premium version ($1.99). You can customize what what happens to notifications when you swipe them, and also set a "night mode" whereby you won't receive notifications when you're asleep.

androidpit dynamicnotifications
DynamicNotifications is a zero-flab lock screen with some nifty features like night mode and movement sensing to preserve battery. / © Great Bytes Software


UnlockYourBrain: Learn Smarter

Look past the grammatically questionable name, and you'll find that UnlockYourBrain is an app that turns unlocking your phone into something quite valuable. This app uses the 80 or so times you unlock your phone every day to keep your brain ticking using simple maths and vocabulary exercises.

So does this mean you can't access your phone if you don't know what 12 x 8 amounts to, or what 'el amigo' translates to? No, thankfully UnlockYourBrain lets you skip questions and access your phone anyway, so no pressure there. This is a great way to turn that most repetitive of smartphone tasks into a positive brain-training exercise.

androidpit unlockyourbrain lockscreen
UnlockYourBrain makes you smarter all while unlocking your phone. © ANDROIDPI


Locker Master

With quirky themes like ukulele and a pump-action shotgun, as well as playful unlock methods such as 'Poker pattern', you can see how Locker Master earned its esteemed 'master' status. It has the usual plethora of widget and app shortcuts, and - unusually - displays apps vertically rather than horizontally, which means more of them can fit on the screen. There are plenty of nicely-designed themes too, including one which adapts to the time of day.

Locker Master Screenshot
Locker Master uses a unique sidebar to display your shortcuts, and has some crazy unlock mini-games too. / © ANDROIDPIT


GO Locker

This beast of a lock screen package offers quite possibly the largest selection of themes of any lock screen app. It claims. It claims to have over $900 worth of themes (some are free, some not), and offers you a range of ways to unlock your phone and present apps that you want to quickly access. A nice unique touch here is the option to have shortcuts to directly switch things like mobile data and Bluetooth on and off from the lock screen.

go locker screenshot
GO Locker is a good thing in big package.  / © ANDROIDPIT


Android Lollipop

Yes, yes, we're kind of cheating here, as Lollipop isn't technically an app - at all. But we like to give credit where it's due, and we think Google really nailed it with Lollipop lock screen. Whatever UI you have over the top of it, the Lollipop lock screen is minimal and functional. Notifications are displayed in cards, and double-tapping one takes you straight to it. Depending on your phone, you also get the obligatory selection of app shortcuts on the bottom. To dismiss a notification, just swipe it left or right into oblivion. Simple and brilliant.

AndroidPIT Nexus 9 tips Notifications Locked
The Lollipop lock screen, in all its variations, is a praiseworthy piece of design. / © ANDROIDPIT

Are there any lock screens that we missed out? Let us know, then maybe they'll make it into our next lock-screens list!

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  • Tony Osime 1 week ago Link

    I am surprised the screen lock apps I have tried don't allow personal messages for someone who finds my phone. Are there any that do this?

  • I Ortiz 1 week ago Link

    ZUI Locker is a cool lockscreen too. Works for me with no issues.

  • willemkorving 1 week ago Link

    Corgi for Feedly lockscreen !

  • Lee 1 week ago Link

    I always return to widget locker after trying newer lockscreen apps, with WL "widgetlocker" I've never had any issues or problems with it running stock OS or using a custom ROM, plus I like making my own unlock slider's.

  • Willem 1 week ago Link

    Thanks I will try it !

  • Katy Whitton 1 week ago Link

    I'd highly recommend SnapLock. I've tried most of the lock screens on this list and I've found that Snap Lock is the best I've tried so far. It's lightweight, doesn't drain the battery, provides notifications for most apps and it looks really nice.

  • Steve Smith 1 month ago Link

    These lock screen techniques are not totally secure, as somebody who peeps over your shoulder could see the secret word or the pin when you are entering it.Here is an Android device unlocking feature that leaves you wondered.Read more at:

    • Kevin G. 1 week ago Link

      Unfortunately no lock screen is truly "fail safe" if you regularly change passwords/pass codes and don't use the same pass for your apps you can at least reduce the risk that someone will peek over your shoulder memorise your pass, then steal your phone..

      You can also lock certain sensitive apps (banking/email/file Manager) and of course activate phone tracking (Google or 3rd party app).

  • lee abk 2 months ago Link

    [Android APP] Child Proof Gadget-Child Lock (App for parents)
    This is an Android app for parents, which give facility to allow their kids to use their phone safely. Kids will not be able to change any settings, or call or sms etc. They will be in kid area where they can use as many apps as allowed to them by their parents.

  • Mohammed Subhan 3 months ago Link

    All these apps depend on the main android lock option ?

    • Kevin G. 1 week ago Link

      No they work independently of system settings.

    • Kevin G. 1 week ago Link

      No they work independently of system settings.