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Jul 13, 2013 3:56:59 AM

I purchased an impressions tablet back 2 christmas ago, was using amazon to get my apps then after a year after I had to restore factory settings was not able to get amazon anymore, called them they said my tablet wasn't supported LOL...okay. So I downloaded mobile market 1 got the games my granddaughter needed and she played then decided she wanted new ones well I tried to get new ones and everytime I tried to download it would tell me unsuccessful. I did the factory reset and now I cant even download the back up apps from leader international. everything is unsuccessful. I contacted the idiots from international to be told that I need to take this tablet to an electronics store, no trying to help me resolve this what so ever!. I made sure the unknown sources was checked. I dont know what else to do, my granddaughter is wanting her tablet back (shes only 6) and I cant fix it. I'm just about ready to throw it out the door right along with the grand :) Just kidding I would just like for someone to give me some help with this. I'm pretty good at following instructions.
My brother suggested that my tablet is locked, no way because I can get on internet and everything just cant download anything