Extended batteries

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Apr 10, 2014 10:31:55 AM via Website

Well you have a few options really: you can go for an external power pack or a battery case.

I recently wrote about the Limefuel extended battery case for the Nexus 5 to give you an example of the second: www.androidpit.com/limefuel-battery-case-for-the-nexus-5

As for power packs, there's so many out there it's not funny. You can pick up 25,000 mAh battery packs if you want to! Basically, you just plug your device in with a USB cable and it'll quickly charge your battery up while you're on the move. The thing is, the bigger capacity ones are quite big and heavy. Smaller ones (around 3,000 mAh) are pretty portable and light, and I have one in a jacket pocket when I expect to be out and about a lot.

But as I said in the Limefuel review, I can't really imagine suing a battery case as a permanent accessory. it's just too bulky for me (although I usually don't use cases at all, so...)

May 31, 2014 9:03:27 PM via Website

Hey @John, sorry I missed your question. haven't had any experience with extended batteries for tablets, but I expect there's plenty out there. I'd suggest checking Amazon or the like for some cheapish ones at the capacity you want, and then search the forums and product websites to see what kind of feedback you can find. We're always happy to hear good feedback to share on good products.

Jun 1, 2014 1:41:46 PM via App

I would suggest checking out RAVpower, even though I don't own one they have some really impressive external batteries from small 2000 mAh to some beast 23000 mAh ones.

Jun 3, 2014 6:02:53 AM via Website

Well, I am happy with its enough to fully charge my tablet guess what after completely charging my tab I still got some power left to charge my LG G pro there isn't much left say it can charge my G pro to 15% or sometimes 20%. But I am happy because I can get some extra hours on my tab as well as g pro. <3