How to add contacts to WhatsApp

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Apr 7, 2014 11:25:23 AM via Website

Hey guys!

Have you been wondering why not all of your contacts are showing on WhatsApp and you know that they have a WhatsApp account? Here is how to add those contacts to WhatsApp:
  • Ensure that you have your friend's phone number in your phone address book in the full international format.
  • Note: WhatsApp cannot sync with Facebook friends, so you will need to manually enter their phone numbers in your address book in order for WhatsApp to find them.
  • Make sure that you have imported your contacts from your SIM card.
  • Ensure that your friend has your phone number in their address book.
  • Launch WhatsApp and wait 15 seconds.
  • Tap the icon and then tap on your friend to start chatting!
  • If you do not see your friend, try going to Menu Button > Refresh on the Select contact page.
  • Make sure your contact is not hidden.
  • It could also be that your friend doesn't even have WhatsApp, even though you thought they did, you can invite friends to WhatsApp, open the app > press the Menu Button > Settings > Contacts > Tell a Friend.
Hopefully this has helped!