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How to get WhatsApp on your tablet

Sterling Keys

It is gravely unfortunate that, by default, WhatsApp isn’t compatible with tablets (still). However, there are ways to work around this. Some of the solutions involve complex maneuvers (such as rooting your device), but I've found one method which is simple and works. Here is our guide for how to install WhatsApp on a tablet. 

androidpit whatsapp tablet
How to get WhatsApp on your tablet. / © ANDROIDPIT

Please note: this will create a new WhatsApp account unique to your tablet. If you want to spoof or takeover your account from your mobile device, I will outline a method for this at the end of the article.

Requirements: To create a WhatsApp account, you will need a phone number. If you use your current phone number, you will lose the WhatsApp account on your smartphone and it will instead be transferred to your tablet. This is why you must purchase a new SIM card to get a new number. This is the cheapest, quickest, and most effective way to get WhatsApp on your tablet. Just insert your new SIM card into your handset and copy all of your contacts across to your new SIM before you start the procedure. You will be able to re-insert your old SIM card again once you're done. 

  • Download the WhatsApp.apk from the WhatsApp website on your tablet. In order to do this and to not be redirected straight to the Google Play Store, either use Chrome or Firefox as your browser and then request the Desktop site. From there, click on the Android download and the .apk file will be downloaded to your tablet. (Alternatively, you can just download it on your PC and then transfer it to your tablet via USB, or email.)
Whatever browser you're using, make sure to visit the WhatsApp website in Desktop mode. / © AndroidPIT
  • Ensure that you’re able to install from Unknown Sources. To check if you are, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources on your tablet. This will allow .apks that aren’t downloaded directly from Google Play to be installed on your devices. ALWAYS make sure you know what you’re downloading and installing if you are going to have this setting enabled long-term. Otherwise, uncheck Unknown Sources as soon as you're done with this process.
  • Install the WhatsApp .apk on your tablet.
  • Enter the app and follow the instructions. When it asks for a number to authorize the application, enter in your new number. While it won’t authenticate automatically, you will receive a text message with a code that you can use to authorize the app.
Though it won't automatically detect a SMS to your tablet, you will receive a SMS with a code you can enter to bypass this. / © AndroidPIT
  • Once authorized, set-up your WhatsApp account as per normal.
  • Voila! WhatsApp on your tablet!
And voila! WhatsApp on your tablet! / © AndroidPIT

As I said above, this will install WhatsApp as a brand new account on your tablet (your friends will obviously need to know your new SIM card number too). If you are only looking to transfer a WhatsApp account from your current device to your tablet, just use your normal phone number. The authorization will follow the same steps, but your account will be transferred over and it won't be active on your smartphone anymore. If you want to transfer your WhatsApp chat history, we've got you covered on that front too. 

Here are some more WhatsApp how-to's you've got to try:

Have you installed WhatsApp on your Android tablet? If so, tell us in the comments how it went!

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  • Kim Griffiths 3 weeks ago Link

    If the tablet has cellular connectivity and it's own phone number and contacts, like the Tab S, I would have thought that would work okay? Wouldn't it? :-/ 😯.

  • Juan López G. 4 months ago Link

    Would it work if you restored a Whatsapp backup from a phone using Titaxnium backup?

  • Andy Carter 4 months ago Link

    Used TextMe(for Kindle Fire) to set this up on UK Fire HD7

  • X G 4 months ago Link

    I have a nexus 7 as well. I was able to download the app, received the call with the code but as soon as I enter the code the app crashes and I every time I try to start it again it crashes again. Any suggestions?

  • Don G 7 months ago Link

    I tried to follow your advice to install Whatsapp on tablet Samsung Galaxy SM-T210R (with WiFi) but it doesn't work. Have any idea? Thx.

  • Pratyusha Pradhan 8 months ago Link

    I would totally recommend Photo4Tune as an alternative for Whatsapp and Snapchat. It has got amazing emoticons, simple user interface for photo sharing.

  • Gabe Desch 11 months ago Link

    I received the sms with activation code, but my tablet is not asking for it (keeps on waiting). How do I enter the activation code? Did WhatApp make it impossible? Thx

  • Marym Mahmoud Mar 9, 2014 Link

    is it that hard to get whatapp

  • Glenn G. Feb 25, 2014 Link

    I have to verify my Text+ with my i dont get a new number to verify Whatsapp

  • Alli Ritchens Jan 23, 2014 Link

    after ive installed on my tablet how do i add contacts???

    • Roger Cook Feb 13, 2014 Link

      One by one, unless they are saved to your gmail account.

  • Martin Blank Jan 16, 2014 Link

    Used the instructions to install whatsapp on my Medion tablet using phone number and apk file and this worked well without any problems. thanks guys.

    • Alli Ritchens Jan 23, 2014 Link

      after ive installed on my tablet how do i add contacts???

  • Shruthi Ramakrishnan Jan 5, 2014 Link

    This is just gr8...i had to use bluestacks to access whatsapp but now it is so easy..thanks guys :)

  • Richard Fletcher Oct 4, 2013 Link

    The thing is WhatsApp is very unsecure as it doesn't bother encrypting the data it just sends it, if you are on a shared network maybe in your house. It can be hacked with an app! On a rooted fone you can download an apk called WhatsApp sniffer this enables you to see every photo or message that gets sent! Use kik instead be safe

  • James Ahn Oct 4, 2013 Link

    Did this a while ago but realized after the fact you cant run simultaneously same number on 2 devices. Undid, and reactivated on phone. =P

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) Oct 3, 2013 Link

    well I have a landline together with my (so-slow-that-it's-a-pain-in-the-ass) internet and like it especially since I have a landline flat...

  • Sterling Keys Oct 3, 2013 Link

    Yeah. I've read about the land line one online as well. We got rid of our land line a long time ago, so it wasn't something I could test out.

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) Oct 3, 2013 Link

    an other way would be using another numer you own e.g. your landline. I heard that if you dont get an SMS you can get a call with the Activation code, meaning the account is linked to a number, your contacts have anyway, which makes it easier...

    and if you dont have an android phone you can use THAT number for Whatsapp...

    • Alli Ritchens Jan 23, 2014 Link

      after ive installed on my tablet how do i add contacts???