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5 best apps for downloading free music for Android

Scott Adam Gordon

Free music is in. Earlier in the year, Amazon revealed its first ever smartphone, the Fire Phone which comes bundled with a years subscription to Amazon Prime, enabling free music streaming for its users. But say you aren't interested in the Fire Phone, or music streaming, and just want to make the most of your banging HTC One (M8) speakers with cold, hard mp3s. What then? Well, here are my picks for the best free apps for downloading free music.

com teaser
What are the best apps for downloading free music? © AndroidPIT

Disclaimer: all of these apps are available for free from the Google Play Store at the time of writing.

Gtunes Music Donwload

Hmmm... Donwload? "If they can't even spell their own name correctly - I'm skeptical of the functionality," I thought. Then I loaded Gtunes up, searched for a song, downloaded it, and played it. This is amazing; it was a real song and everything.

Gtunes provides a list of album charts for you to select music from, or search for a song or artist name yourself. The charts aren’t up to date exactly, (there are bound to be some caveats to this free music download affair) so I suspect they only put songs in their charts which they have available to download. This works to Gtunes' advantage, instead of regularly coming across songs that were unavailable, I never once encountered a song I couldn’t download.

The Gtunes app has no frills. The interface is boring and the icons are distractingly low resolution. It’s also a little confusing, there is a download manager in the App, but my downloads don’t show up in there, they show in library. It’s a minor quibble. But I really can’t complain. I can’t complain at all. It's free, all you have to suffer are some ad banners and you’re probably going to have your phone locked in your pocket anyway. Some tracks even show up with their lyrics too. It’s really quite wonderful.

Android GTunes music download
GTunes charts aren't always up to date, but every track you see can be downloaded. © AndroidPIT / brooksfredic

Click here for download Gtunes Music Donwload from the Play Store

Tunee Music

And I thought Gtunes had a lo-fi aesthetic - Tunee opens to a white background containing only a search button and a folder button. Minimalist ain’t the word.

Tunee Music lets you download and stream MP3s with a simplistic interface. I was unable to play downloaded songs in the Tunee music player itself, they had to be streamed for some bizarre reason (though I’m not ruling out my own ineptitude or a tablet issue as the reason for this). However the MP3s did download to my media library and can be played with another music player app on your handset without fuss. The search interface also displays the download size and bitrate of songs, a helpful addition which ensured I always downloaded songs at the highest quality. 

Android Tunee
The pristine blue and white color scheme found in Tunee Music is clean and clear. © AndroidPIT / MediaFlow Labs

Click here to download Tunee Music from the Play Store

Free Mp3 Music Download

This isn't the easiest app to find on the Google Play store and it's a bit of a hidden gem. Free Mp3 Music Download is basically the Google Search engine optimized for discovering MP3s. It doesn’t have its own library, and for this reason it is possibly the best free downloader for finding recent tracks.

Once you’ve searched for a song, and downloaded it, the track is shown in the downloads folders. Click on the track in there and select the music player you want to play it with. This works perfectly, I was able to find any recent tracks from the US Billboard top 100 chart without a hitch, but because of this I’m not sure how long this app will last before being removed from the Google Play Store. When I first opened Free Mp3 Music Download, it made a point of telling me that if I download any tracks illegally it is MY responsibility. All this app does is point me in the direction of MP3s. Still, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to know what is legally available and what isn’t based on their search engine. Or at least that’s what I’ll say in court...  

Android mp3 downloader
Free Mp3 Music Download uses Google search algorithms to discover free music © AndroidPIT / RachnaSindhal

Click here to download Free Mp3 Music Download from the Play Store

Music Download Paradise Mp3

This app has a library of Copyleft and Creative Common licensed songs, but it’s not just classical music and standards it provides. Music Download Paradise MP3 very cleverly accesses free music from all kinds places, like something and artist has made available to download on Soundcloud, for example.

This doesn’t have an in built player like Tunee and Gtunes, so once again you must play the apps from from another player. Thankfully, this is easily done, most devices come with Google Play Music and we've even written a best free music player apps guide if you want some recommendations too. Music Download Paradise MP3 does feature full screen advert videos that can’t be skipped, but it downloads music super fast and it's extremely easy to use.

Android music download paradise pro
Music Download Paradise Mp3 features a vast collection of free songs, including Dananananaykroyd. © AndroidPIT / Music Download Paradise [pro]

Click here to download Music Download Paradise Mp3 from the Play Store

Simple MP3 Downloader

Simple MP3 Downloader offers a huge library of songs to download, has its own player, and supports both streaming and downloading. 

It's my favorite downloader out of the bunch, the interface is slick and is capable of finding some really rare tracks. It certainly looks prettier than the others apps too, and displays album artwork in the search menu. There were no hiccups when trying to download or buffer any tracks. Simple MP3 Downloader lives up to its name. It is simple, it's almost magical. I love it. 

android simple mp3 downloader
You will have to suffer some banner ads in these apps, but it's a small price to pay for the music that they offer © AndroidPIT /

Click here to download Simple Mp3 Downloader from the Play Store

What’s your favorite MP3 downloader app? Do any allow you to download whole albums at once?

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Write new comment:
  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) 6 months ago Link

    wait a sec, this reveals controversy.
    you can download music for free, for which you usually have to pay, which is piracy.
    one of you (Loie) said at the topic of alternate markets, about the topic why Blackmart wasnt in the list:
    "AndroidPIT doesn't support pirating apps, and only getting paid apps for free when the deal is officially closed with the developers themselves."
    so pirating apps is bad, but Music is okay, hm...

    but seriously, I dont want to attack anyone, it just caught my eyes and is irritating me...

  • Jay Chew 6 months ago Link

    +1 Philipp
    I personally thinks that it's unethical to promote pirating music. Artists and musicians work as hard as app developers too. Just because they're in the different field doesn't mean we can ignore their rights.

  • Henry B. 6 months ago Link

    The artists make such a small margin on downloads, but they gain so much from the free sharing of their music and subsequent ticket sales. I don't necessarily think it's a bad idea for the artist or audience. Download the TED app and check out the awesome video 'The art of asking' about music piracy pros and cons :)

    • Bojan M. 6 months ago Link

      That's just you trying to make some excuses. Unless the author himself allowed free download, it's piracy. Period!

      • Philipp Junghannß (My1) 5 months ago Link

        that's true story. I wont try to accuse you but one of my theories is that black app stores can cancel revenue from your app store but since you dont give out music it wont matter you. (IMPORTANT NOTE: JUST A THEORY, I wont accuse anyone)

        @bojan seems we understand each other quite well since we know that we both like anime.

      • Bojan M. 5 months ago Link

        Yeah :)

      • Philipp Junghannß (My1) 5 months ago Link

        And just coz of my music widget, where you saw the angel beats soundtrack listed...

  • Henry B. 6 months ago Link

    I personally like Soundloader for Soundcloud which allows you to download music from soundcloud for offline listening. As many artists upload their work to Soundcloud for free themselves, it's piracy guilt free downloads!

  • User picture
    Kris Carlon 5 months ago Link

    I listen to BeatGuide all the time, which has streams from all the major clubs in any city you choose and Spotify and YouTube are brilliant too. I always stream because I'm always on WiFi. I just have a few regular albums saved on my phone for non-WiFi areas. Or I take my iPod if I need more.