Updated Android Market App going really slow

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Aug 6, 2011 7:53:14 AM via App

Mine ran slow too. I used an app called Market History to clear the search history thinking that would help. It cleared the history, but still ran slow. I deleted the Market update and feels back to speed. I didn't really like the update anyway except for the change log dates -that I will miss.

Now I don't have a choice, the market silently updated it's app on my device. Deleting the update is futile - it keeps updating anyway.

Just FYI:
Updating the Market app will not save your previous options, if you are like me and do not want your apps updated automatically, you must go through and un-select any auto update check marks you don't want. It's the Google and phone provider apps are checked to update.

Also uncheck the something close to "I want ads" in the settings while you're at it.

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